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Problem Details:
In editor mode my osu froze, the beatmap still in place but I used task manager to end the process
Now when I go back to the beatmap osu crashes
I still do have the osu file though


osu! version: 20170731.2 (latest)
Please click on the Pippi and post the contents that pop up here.

Death wrote:

Please click on the Pippi and post the contents that pop up here.
Also the osu file
https://www.dropbox.com/s/5aette2fhd26q ... D.rar?dl=0
The dropbox link you sent is not a .osu or .osz file.

And this only happens when you go to edit this specific map?
Oh god thats the wrong one
https://www.dropbox.com/s/a14wil8d9txpe ... D.osu?dl=0
Also yes only that beatmap
Under HitObjects, Line 271: 268,156,115498,2,4,B|-90528928:103462040|220:116,1,67.5000025749208
Remove that.

Not entirely sure how you managed to create that, but it will fix your issue. Whatever object it was, you will need to remake.

Alternatively, you can simply change the line to:
  1. 268,156,115498,2,4,B|220:116|220:116,1,67.5000025749208
  2. 268,156,115498,2,4,L|220:116,1,67.5000025749208

I believe the second one is what you want. The first one will leave a red anchor at the end of the slider, the second one makes it a regular grey point, which is the same as what you have for the rest of the sliders in the phrase.
thanks a lot death
I deleted the line, now I can't find the spot put it back in for what you suggested
It's 1:55:498 in the map if you just want to manually add the slider back. Otherwise you can get a text editor that displays line numbers, such as Notepad++, and it would be line 271 (assuming you haven't changed anything else)

The third value in that line "115498" is the millisecond offset from the start of the map. You can just find which two values it goes between in your .osu file.
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