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Problem Details:
I've recently submitted two beatmaps ;
both have problems

The first one was uploaded without any background, and with a preview point (that i changed afterwards). So, i updated it with a background and another preview point, the problem is that in the website, and in osu direct, neither the background or the preview point were updated.

The second one was updated with a background, and a preview point. everything should be ok, right ? but no (xd). in the website, the background shows up, but the preview doesn't (when clicking on the bg). If i try to check it osu direct ; neither the background or the preview show up.

This kind of issue never happend to me before...
Is this actually normal ?
Is there any to fix this ?

Your help will be really appreciated, thanks in advance.

osu! version: 20170731.2 (latest)
This is normal and can take a few hours to a day or so to update.
alright, thank you for your early answer.
didn't know it could take this much time...
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