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Problem Details:
So recently the add friend/foe page got removed to stop people from abusing it to add more people to their friendlist than the cap (i'm assuming that's the reason, i may be wrong). However, this had the unfortunate side effect that the foe list is now pretty much inaccessible. You can not add or remove people, or even see who is on it.
https://osu.ppy.sh/p/friends I can still access it?

You're supposed to use the friends list on the new site now.

Neither of those pages have the foe list.
You can still remove foes as foes are interpreted as friends for the sake of rankings and stuff. Just visit your foes profile page, copy the link of the "Add as friend" and replace "add" in the link with "remove".
Or even easier as I just found out, visit ucp.php?i=zebra&mode=foes and remove them the usual way. That's also where you can find out who's on your foe list.
The submit button doesn't work though so no way of adding some.

I just removed 2 foes from my list for testing purposes, you better be thankful xdd

Endaris wrote:

That's the page i was looking for, i guess it still exists but they just removed the link to it, however it seems like you can't add people anymore.
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