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So i just downloaded the game, and then I run the installer. At first, it was fine, but at some rate (like 60% or 70%) the intaller would just stop and said "An error occurred. Please check your internet connection". So i ignored it, and it restarts the installment. And it keeps repeating just like that, it never completed the installment. The problem is, when I tried to open other things like youtube, google, and others, they DID work. They don't showed any errors, i can surf the internet just fine, i can watch youtube videos with ease. But again, when i tried to run the installer again, it DIDN'T work. So, can someone help me? I already have played osu! on a computer like three years ago? (that's why i already have an account) and i REALLY love it!! I really want to play the game again ;-;

P.S. Sorry for (maybe) bad english :)
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