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Problem Details:

When I play a map in-game, there's a constant high pitch hissing sound in the background. It's most notable before the songs starts (As it's the the only thing I can hear) and it's low enough to be overshadowed by the song itself, but it's still very prominent and annoying before the song starts.

It only happens while actually playing a map. i.e. - Not in the main menu, pause screen, or under any other circumstances (Didn't check while editing maps, as I never do that).
If I set the master volume to 0 in-game, the sound still plays, as well as if I mute the game through the volume mixer.
The issue occurs with both of my headphone ports, and tested on 2 different headsets (One of them was brand new)

osu! version: 20170731.2 (latest)
If the sound is still occurring when osu! Is fully muted in the sound mixer, it's most likely a something unrelated to osu!. Either way, try disabling surround sound.
This could be cause by other peripherals connected to your computer. Check if this sound persists with nothing connected to your PC but your monitor, mouse and keyboard.

I used to get similar sounds by connecting my graphic tablet to a specific USB port. Changing ports resolved the issue.
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