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When i first started playing osu, i played with my laptop trackpad (i was so good) A while later, by 400k rank, i got a tablet and improved so much (obv)

By 300k, i got a mouse and i went up so high in rank. i went to 200k almost instantly and im currently playing mouse, but just recently, ive hit a wall and im struggling to improve. ive been stuck at 170k for a long time now

Do you guys think i should go back to tablet or stick with mouse for the time being?

any advice is appreciated
What you prefer more, and feel more comfortable with.
Mouse is harder to use than tablet and a tablet will get you further quicker IMO, but that's all it is, it's just opinion.

Pick one and stick with it
The more you play with one playstyle, the better you'll get.

Basically, just play more...
It may seem like a joke or a meme since it's thrown around so much, but it's the best advice anyone can really give
when someone asks "how do I improve".
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i have been sticking with mouse for about an year. ill keep doing that. The thing is when i play with mouse, i feel in control. but when i play with tablet, i feel faster and more acc, trading those two for control. Im wondering which way would be the best path
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