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So i got this bug twice now and it kinda annoying. the osu website will show the correct highest score in the beatmap page on the you best section shown here:

However at the top rank section on my profile page it shows and calculates the wrong score.

I solved it the first time that i had that bug by playing the song another time. But it is sometimes hard to get an even better score for me. Anyone knows why this is happening?
The map leaderboard will show you your highest score on the map's difficulty.

The top rank section on your profile will show you the score that earned you the highest PP in that map's difficulty.

So the 1st score probably didn't beat the 2nd one in terms of PP earned.
normally i would think if I got a higher accuracy, completed it without no-fail and got a higher combo that I would earn more pp then the with no-fail one.
Do note that the usage of No Fail mod reduces the amount of possible Performance Points gain by 10%
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