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Problem Details:
This is just a minor bug I found while trying to check for maps to play offline..
I tried to open the Options menu while on the Song select menu of osu! by hitting [CTRL + O] after that, I also hit [F1] to change add some mods then [F3] to change Beatmap options... and the bug appeared. :3

see video for illustration

Mods like Easy, No Fail, Hardrock, Sudden Death/Perfect, Relax and Auto/Cinema are affected and unclickable when Options menu is opened at the background. Same for the Beatmap options menu...

I think this might just a positioning problem between the Options menu, Mods screen and Beatmap options screen... This also happens between any osu! gamemodes...

Hopefully this will be fixed soon. Thank you! :3

osu! version: 20170928.1cuttingedge
Minor bug indeed as you mentioned.

That's due to focus conflicts. As you may have noticed, you are only unable to click the mods behind of which is the options menu interface.

I don't see it getting fixed on this client, though. osu!Lazer build is in the works and such issue will not probably exist there.
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