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I dont know why, but on 60hz, the accuracy on the same song its usually a lot higher than when i play on 240fps or unlimited , for unknown reasons it seems like i need an insane accuracy to make the same song with less score.

The problem is: i like unlimited and 240fps because i can see the notes better than 60 fps, but the score is worst, so i just wanted to know if theres a fix for this, or i should play on 60fps(sync activated)
For more information: on a 1.5* song , with 60 fps i usually do an S, with unlimited i do C.

Im a user of an r9 290x, with an I7 4790k,16gb ram.
Pls i want to play on unlimited.
You are probably used to the latency caused by using a frame limiter. I'm sure that if you use unlimited for a while you will get used to the lower latency.
Oh ok, ill play some days on unlimited and see if its done :) , ty for the answer
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