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Problem Details:

can't lower mouse sensitivity. I can lower it until 1x ingame without triggering the option "raw input". If i try to set it below 1x option "raw input" turns on by itself, the cursor shifts to the right every time i lower it below 1x more and more. Then it doesn't reach untill the very left or right of the screen. If i deactive "raw input" again, the sensitivity jumps back to 1x
The cursor is to fast for me to play, my accuracy is not good enough because the cursor is too fast.

I play with a wacom intuos pen s and i already set the area of the tablet to it's maximum. This problem did occure to me while i haven't played osu for a long time. I already downloaded the newest version of osu and of my wacom driver.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20170616.1
Try disabling Windows Ink.

You can learn how to do so here: t/590367
What windows version are you running? Anything above 8.1 requires Raw input to use in-game sensitivity.
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