Keiichi Okabe - City Ruins (Dynamic - Vocals)

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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Hi Hi Hi!! Here from My modding Queue
  1. I recommend looking at pishifat, he does video about the basics of mapping (Bpm adjustment, timing, blanket, editor, etc) I know he will help you ( Channel )
  2. I tried to help as much as I could
  1. First, this difficulty is not known if it is an easy or normal type, you should specify a bit of that or simply put "easy" / "normal"
  2. The sliders go very fast for a difficulty like this, should go to 0.8 if it is an easy, if it is a normal to 1.2
  3. the tick should be 1, not 3
  4. you should adjust the timing, this is not, it's too high for something so slow
  5. the sound of the notes is very high, and this is very annoying for some, you should reduce it

00:02:271 (1,2,3) - has a lot of distance for a minor difficulty
00:02:871 (3,1) - same
00:07:671 (2) - Ctrl +G?
00:07:671 (2) - hitcircle?
00:11:871 (1,2) - uncomfortable and looks ugly visually
00:12:321 (2) - do not feel the rhythm on that slider
00:17:046 - is not adjusted
00:16:671 (3,4) - a small distance would not be bad idea
00:21:771 (3,1) - Blanket owo?
00:22:971 (2,3) - same?
00:23:271 (3,1) - it looks very ugly
00:26:046 - is not adjusted
00:26:871 (3) - remove that slider and do it better
00:26:871 (3,1) - Blanket?
00:29:871 (2,1) - same
00:32:271 (4) - improve it
00:36:471 (1) - Spinner unnecessary, there are more things you can put there than a simple spinner
00:40:071 (1,2) - blanket
00:46:071 (1) - stack it well with 00:44:271 (3) -
00:47:871 (1,2) - blanket?
00:49:671 (1) - removes that and places more objects
Same as the previous

1/4 Distance Snap pls
00:00:471 (1,2,3) - no rhythm
00:05:871 (1,2,3) - I don't think it's heard well
00:06:471 (1) - improve it that slider
00:08:571 (2) - same
00:09:771 (3) - stack it with 00:10:971 (5) -
00:11:871 (1,2,3,4,5) - ...Really? you can do something else :)
00:17:046 - is not adjusted
00:19:071 (4,5) - a small distance between these two would not be bad, or stacks
00:22:071 (1) - stack it with 00:20:871 (1) -
00:22:071 (1,2) - blanket
00:24:471 (4) - Ctrl + G?
00:26:871 (2) - stack it with 00:26:121 (4) -
00:34:671 (1,2,3,1) - you can do that better
00:39:471 (5,6,7) - doesn't sound very well
00:41:871 (1,2,3) - same
00:41:871 (1,2,3,1) - a lot of distance
00:44:271 (4,5,6) - same
00:47:871 (1,2,3) - same x2
00:49:596 (1) - you can do something else there
Same as the previous

1/4 Distance snap
is not quite right the truth, I don't know how to help you with this, many things that are not well done
I just read that it is a practice map, hahaha lol, well ... mainly if you should see pishifat, it is not a tutorial, it is like a short introduction to what mapping is, not 1 hour of video, as of 10 minutes or 20 each. I do not think it's necessary to put in the last difficulty what you need to fix, you have it from 2B, (timing, Beat Snap Divisor, blankets, etc). Sorry for not reading before xDDD, I hope you have been of help, you know ... when you make another map do not hesitate to go to my Mod, if you help you can give a Kudosu xD GL!!
I hope I have helped you :cry::cry:
ps: c:
Hi, from my modding queue
But uhh... I don't think this qualify as a mod and more like a general help and suggestions.
I hope you can take constructive criticism.

First, this song isn't 200bpm 4/4, it's 100bpm 3/4. Move your offset to somewhere around 500-530 offset range, yours currently is too early.
(Timing is hard. You should feel the song first before you start timing. Ask yourself "Is the BPM too fast? Too slow? Did I time it too early or too late?")
Suggestion for the future? Listen to more songs and map more, timing will come naturally once you get the feel of the song

Second, for a slow song, it's surprisingly brutal with high OD, HP, and SV.Tune those down please. I recommend AR8 with HP4 and OD7, and with the BPM change like I said above, SV shouldn't change. (this recommendation only applies to 2B diff)
Generally, if a song is calm and slow, you should make the difficulty relatively easy too. if a song is fast, make it hard, but not too hard that it makes the map frustrating to play. Follow the song, and make the map fun but challenging to play.

Third, you aren't very good at flow, I see. For starters, I would suggest go for smooth flow instead. Make sliders flow to each other instead of jumps with sliders flowing in a completely opposite direction.
But it depends on the song too. Just like the point before, if song is calm, make it relaxing with smooth comfortable flow. If it's a fast aggressive song, map it fast with snappy movements to keep players at edge.

Lastly, the streams and triples are unnecessary, this song is overmapped.
Most of the time people map it like this: simple sound = note; dragged sound = sliders. If you see a triple or stream in a map, it usually follows a sound in the background. This song in particular only has guitar that follows simple 1/2 rhythm, piano that follows 1/1 rhythm, and vocals.
My suggestion is to take note what instruments are playing in the song and decide which one to follow in a certain part. Prioritize rhythm that is more dominant or the denser rhythm.

Map more, expose yourself to a variety of songs, that's how you improve.
This may sound hypocritical coming from me who isn't a very good mapper, but I tried to help by sharing what I learned to you.
There's this channel called "A Mo" that's also discussing mapping, but he has his own perspective and opinion than pishi. Mappers are all different people with different views on one thing. You might wanna check him out.

That's all from me, sorry if I missed anything. Good luck. :)
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