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My second skin, and the first I post to the forums. The theme is Gold/Sunset, so expect a lot of yellow/orange! This time around, I tried to keep all the "anime girl" elements consistent with the rest of the skin and the color palette (mods/ranking panel). I've included a credits file for the (few) elements that aren't fully original (see here)!

Good Skin, i like this song menu, spin and ranking panel. Great work! :)
0 as miss NotLikeThis
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Fatal3ty wrote:

Good Skin, i like this song menu, spin and ranking panel. Great work! :)
Thank you! :):)

h3oCharles wrote:

0 as miss NotLikeThis
I actually made an X miss and a cursor trail a while ago, but didn't include it in the main skin download. Here it is, for anybody who wants it.
Nice skin dude! :P Keep it UP! :)
bye bye
I really love using this skin, thank you for taing the time to create such a wonderful skin like this for people to enjoy!
dem memez
ayyy thats pretty good :)
Absolutely loving this skin, keep it up <3
This is really a good skin.

The only thing that kind of gets me is the color scheme of the circles. but that can be fixed easily.
but probably something much more sunset-ish theme color would be great on the hitcircle colours.

but still. its minimalistic and awesome :D
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thank you for all the love!
Awesome skin but for me the hit sounds are too low (*volume*).
But overall not bad *Thumbs up*
Cool Skin
Great work, love the feel. Cant help but notice that the sounds end abruptly. I would recommend adding some reverb to some of them or fading them out so they don't end so suddenly.
Gameplay is very smooth and I like the bright colors :D
Jelly Unicorn
nice skin dude.
Ficou Show Flor!!!!
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