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As you may have seen in the title, this post is about an hp bar in editor mode.
I got this idea as I was comparing both Skystar's and happy30's Augoeides ending. It would be used for short breaks for a couple of seconds, which aren't actually treated as breaks that stop draining your hp. So as you scroll past the timeline you can see your hp (it would work as if you're SS'ing)
This was a pretty simple idea with not enough content to actually make it into the game, but maybe with a bit of community support we can make it throught and get it implemented in-game.

Thanks to everyone for your attention! :3
I think moving the timeline and entering Test Mode (F5) can make you test the map as-if you are playing it with additional detailed info such as number of 300s, 100s, 50s, misses, and other useful info you got during that play. You can hit autoplay by pressing TAB and let it play. It has some quirks but from your request it can do.
maybe try mapping for once and you would know if its needed or not

i think you watched pishis hp drain video didnt ya
I don't think is useful. Just press F5 as Nitrous said, and you'll see if it touch the HP bar. And if you think it's annoying, think about those CTB mappers that have to press F5 all the time to test their map ;)
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