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After a windows update i can't play with fullscreen i can barely get 30 fps but in windowed mode its okay but i want to play in fullscreen i did everything please help me! thanks.
you can use borderless mode instead unless it increase your input latency
also check if something is limiting your fps, i've never heard about limit to 30fps tho :p
yeah i tried playing with borderless but its kinda weird i dunno i check everything and my fps limit is set to unlimited :(((
Go to the actual osu.exe file in the game directory, you can open it in the game client. Right-click the executable and open properties, you'll be greeted by the following window and tabs.

Check "Disable fullscreen optimisations". Enjoy fullscreen, if this doesn't work then please tell.

Alternatively, you can also disable game mode and game bar in the Windows control panel, that should fix the problem.

If have an Nvidia GPU, you can find out by opening device manager and looking under "Display Adapters". Disable GeForce Experience and its overlay.

You can also try to reset your game configuration.

1. Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard.
2. While holding Shift, double click the osu! icon on your desktop.
3. Continue holding Shift until you see the osu! recovery dialog prompt.
4. When the osu! configuration dialog opens, click the reset settings button.

If you still aren't having any luck, open the dialog again and click repair osu!.
Thanks for your reply i tried everything its still the same i think im gonna stick with windowed -___-
Sure, if you get sick of it then just reply to this thread.
Yes of course,Thanks for your help.
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