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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Saturday, April 11, 2020 at 3:15:52 PM

Artist: umio
Title: bottom of plastic bottles
BPM: 200
Filesize: 4906kb
Play Time: 02:43
Difficulties Available:
  1. ! (6.74 stars, 1009 notes)

Download: umio - bottom of plastic bottles
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

(remap coming soon?)
Spoke about some stuff, mainly the difficulty balance within the two parts and general flow/structure.
22:48 -GriM-: im gonna upload bottom of plastic bottles
22:48 -GriM-: i need your dope opinion
22:49 -Faded-: kk
22:49 -GriM-: i tried a different mapping kinda style
22:49 -Faded-: omg i cant wait to play this
22:49 -GriM-: its kinda like what ive been doing
22:49 -GriM-: just a bit different
22:51 -Faded-: ok
22:51 -Faded-: firstly
22:51 -Faded-: is this bg
22:51 -Faded-: a placeholder?
22:51 -GriM-: ye pretty much
22:52 -Faded-: ok good
22:52 *-Faded- is playing [ umio - bottom of plastic bottles [!]] -NoFail
22:52 -Faded-: no fail because my skills are washed up atm
22:52 -Faded-: spec pls
22:52 -GriM-: kk
22:54 -Faded-: wew
22:54 -Faded-: structure is actually pretty good
22:54 -Faded-: i like how it's mapped
22:55 -Faded-: only problem is the difficulty balance
22:55 -Faded-: like
22:55 -Faded-: the first half of it
22:55 -Faded-: was really slow and quiet
22:55 -Faded-: and there were still full jump patterns/spaced streams
22:55 -Faded-: consider the fact that the main part of the song is around the same difficulty/only slightly harder, it doesn't fit the song too well imo
22:56 -GriM-: i kinda did it as a buildup to the hard part
22:57 -GriM-: so it isnt from like 4.5 star level to 6 star
22:57 -GriM-: and the streams are spaced fine in the beginning
22:59 -Faded-: yeah, I guess you could have the difficulty slowly build up 5 seconds before the slow part
22:59 -Faded-: if the song calls for it
22:59 -GriM-: im nerfing some of it rn
22:59 -Faded-: but tbh, i feel that the song doesn't justify the main part and the intro part to be the same difficulty
22:59 -GriM-: tell me if its alright when im done
23:00 -Faded-: ok
23:03 -GriM-: kk
23:03 -GriM-: update
23:05 -Faded-: 00:25:887 (1,2,1,2,1,2,3) - song doesn't call for such big spacing. Although a repetitive sound is conveyed through the drums, the overall intensity of the instrument doesn't increase.
23:06 -Faded-: 00:33:087 (1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1) - this is good btw
23:07 -GriM-: decreased spacing
23:07 -GriM-: 00:51:762 (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,1) -
23:07 -GriM-: monstrata 2.0
23:08 -Faded-: kek
23:08 -Faded-: 00:53:937 (3,4,5,7) - had trouble reading this, the overlap looks awfully out of place
23:08 -Faded-: within the entire map this is the only overlap of this calibre
23:10 -Faded-: 01:36:687 (1,2,3,1,2,3) - no 1/16 sliders FeelsBadMan
23:10 -GriM-: wat
23:10 -GriM-: theres no 1/16 there
23:11 -Faded-: the springs :^)
23:11 -GriM-: o well i like sliders more
23:12 -GriM-: btw i just removed the overlap entirely
23:12 -Faded-: alright that's good
23:12 -GriM-: 01:33:687 (4,5,6,7) -
23:12 -GriM-: surprised you didnt point this out
23:12 -GriM-: xd
23:12 -GriM-: it felt risky doing that LOL
23:13 -Faded-: lol that pattern is fine
23:13 -Faded-: 01:33:687 (4,5,6,7) - (4) has a drum, but there isn't a synth sound like the other 3, so it's expressed as an anti jump
23:15 -GriM-: do you like the way i mapped it
23:15 -Faded-: i feel like the flow could be improved in places throughout the map, notably 00:18:687 (1,2) - 00:31:587 (6,7) - because of the sharp angles
23:15 -Faded-: not sharp
23:15 -Faded-: i mean
23:15 -Faded-: obtuse
23:15 -Faded-: yeah, i think the structure here is an improvement compared to most of your other works
23:16 -Faded-: i think the biggest problem tbh would be things like flow and pattern aesthetics
23:17 -Faded-: 00:33:087 (1,2) - also going to say that I had trouble reading this too because of the overlap. Like before, you've never used overlaps like this in your jump patterns so it comes out as a suprise
23:18 -Faded-: 00:52:737 (3,5) - imo it would look nicer if you make these sliders symmetrical. ie. make the red point directly in the middle of the slider
23:19 -GriM-: changed up the overlap thing
23:19 -Faded-: 01:03:387 (2,3) - space these out more because the music gets really strong here, it's weird having them so close
23:19 -GriM-: and i think i fixed the triangle slider
23:21 -GriM-: i dont see an issue there
23:21 -GriM-: think im gonna just replace the kick slider
23:21 -Faded-: oh ok
23:21 -Faded-: remember that it plays like a 1/2 here, not a 1/4
23:21 -Faded-: and because the music gets intense
23:22 -Faded-: it would be better to space them out
23:22 -GriM-: wanna know what would be sick for this mapset
23:22 -Faded-: wot
23:23 -GriM-: grumd guest diff
23:23 -Faded-: 01:32:787 (7) - I would suggest changing this slider into two 1/4s because firstly, both sounds have equal intensity, and secondly; the sound that immerges is different compared to the rest of the song, so you should express that with two 1/4s
23:24 -Faded-: having it a 1/2 slider would blend in and be misrepresentitive of the music
23:24 -GriM-: kk
23:26 -Faded-: overall, i felt that the general structure was nice. Your object placement made reasonable sense. The flow was also pretty good, and I actually had quite a bit of fun playing it
23:26 -Faded-: tbh though, I think you need to make your patterns stand out a bit more
23:27 -GriM-: the overlapping 1/2s was the point
23:27 -GriM-: idk why i did them but i like them
23:27 -GriM-: if thats what your mentioning
23:27 -Faded-: 01:32:787 (7) - this?
23:27 -Faded-: i'm just giving my overall thoughts on the map btw
23:27 -GriM-: no
23:28 -Faded-: like, what i mean is that you should make shapes and stuff with the sliders. Make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing
23:29 -Faded-: take 01:15:087 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - for example. I like this because there is a clear visual structure with (1) and the triplet
23:29 -Faded-: they have the same curvature
23:30 -Faded-: 00:52:737 (3,5) - i like this as well, because of the parallel lines they form with each other
23:30 -Faded-: try to make sure that every object in the map relates to each other
23:30 -Faded-: but that's just what I think of it.
23:30 -Faded-: what's good though, is that it plays nice
23:31 -Faded-: so ye
23:31 -Faded-: just keep my suggestions in mind when you map the rest of it
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