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What types of mapping contests would you like to see?

Monthly Beatmapping Contests
25.34% 129
Community Mapping Contests
14.54% 74
Collaboration Contests
18.07% 92
Single Difficulty Contests
39.49% 201
Other (please explain below)
2.55% 13
Total votes: 509
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We're interested to know what sorts of mapping contests the community would like to see. We want to continue running the mapping contests we've had for a long time but are also open to the opportunity to introduce something new as well.

Both from a mapper's and player's perspective, we would like you to express your opinions and explain a little below if possible. Although this particular question is more aligned to mappers, we believe getting feedback from players is also valuable. After all, you'll all be the ones playing the maps after contests are over.

For reference:

Monthly Beatmapping Contest: Contestants map a full spread for a song. Previous contests have been judged by a selected panel.
Community Mapping Contest: Contestants map one or more difficulties for a song per submission. Previous contests have had each difficulty's entries are narrowed down by a panel, then voted upon by the community.
Collaboration Contest: Multiple contestants map a song as a group (single difficulty or spread).
Single Difficulty Contest: Contestants map a single difficulty for a song.
Aspire Beatmapping Contest, maybe

for recent i've been seen like STD Aspire BC or Taiko Aspire BC and.....it was cool and insane with some elastic sliders and crazy patterns

hope that CTB will be the next
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