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Hello, i was wondering if that was possible to change the sensivity of my mouse with osu without turning on the "raw input" option because it makes my sensivity worse due to the mouse acceleration (thanks Windows !).
Use Windows 7 or earlier. (But installing a different version of Windows for one game is silly!)

If you have a mouse that supports it, changing DPI might be a better route.

But Enabling Raw Input should bypass Mouse accel, that's kinda the point of the option.
Thanks for the fast answer.
I can change the sensivity with my mouse (hopefully) but it annoys me to miss a FC because of a jump for every map i play.
But I have another question, do you think using the "raw input" option could help me having a better sensivity (and accuracy so) ?
I thought using Raw Input for mouse was the normal thing to do. (Sometimes I think I see people saying it does something bad or whatnot, but I honestly don't pay attention) Normally disabling "Enhance Pointer Precision" in your Windows Mouse settings is all you need to do (I think). But being forced with Raw Input shouldn't change much if anything, as far as I know. But it doesn't seem like you have much of a choice if it's forced. ;)

I personally am not the most well versed in Mouse, and I personally use Tablet for osu! So people feel free to correct me if I've said anything wrong, but I don't believe I have. and like I said, doesn't look like you have a choice.
To be honest, i feel like my cursor is going to the moon when i try to do jumps with the option "raw input" enabled, or when "Enhance Pointer Precision" is enabled. Maybe i should buy a tablet or just focus more on what i'm aiming, i don't know, only time will tell.
Maybe i should change my skin too to have a better reading and aiming.
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