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Welcome to this "Guide"
i hope you'll get help here!

[i allow all mods and admins... to edit this and make it a bigger guide, but link my profile :)]

Issue: My tablet covers only HALF of the screen (when using 2+ monitors)
What to do?:

[Hunion 420/h420 users]
Go to your Pen software then under "Screen setting" choose ALL Monitors.

[VeilStar wrote this on another forum]https://osu.ppy.sh/u/4255720
Either set the screen area in the tablet drivers to the monitor you play osu! on and disable the 'map absolute raw input' setting in osu!, or set the screen area to all monitors and enable the 'map absolute raw input' setting.

POST YOUR ISSUES WITH TABLETS BELOW, try to give as much info as you can!

~~~@Admins and @Mods~~~
I would like to have a guide like this to help people!
i thought this might be a great idea to help people MORE SPECIFIC
instead one big thread to have a thread for every problem

Example.( just an example )

What Kind of problem
-Device >
What Device
is it a problem with your mouse or is osu the problem for it
-my device has a problem
-i cant use it in osu because...
-i dont realy know

What kind of Problem do you have with your mouse [ SEARCH ]

if you want less delay be sure to enable Fullscreen mode and RAW mouse input!

Was this helpful?
-i still need help..


I want to support osu! , but i dont have money.. so i thought i support it with ideas and helpful infos!
Maybe i get the supporter status ^^ 8-)
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