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Few years ago osu! didn't even have 'original' and 'romanized' titles/artists. And tbh I don't think somebody searches maps by the names written in kanji/korean/russian/whatever letters. At least it can be added to the tags, but I don't see the reason to change the artist's name ._.
Well, that's exactly why we have unicode artist field now, because we want to keep as many things as official. If we wouldn't use when it can be used, why would it even exist. I'll get some more opinions on this.
yeah, 2k17 osu priorities
let's rank unreasonably overmapped shit, but at least it has a fully correct meta!

but seriously, it's a f2p game and it should be enjoyable. no one's gonna even sue you anyway, so adding extra fields and guidelines which make an already extremely tiring ranking process even more complicated is a really wise and well-thought decision, right? especially when BNs themselves feel uncomfortable to push the button because they can get screwed because of meta. and finally, why shouild I see a foreign alphabet which is unreadable for me when I play my own map? I find this offending and dissapointing for my gaming experience.
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@ Sieg, I understand, but that's funny how many people would agree with me but would never said that. Anyway, back on topic, to whoever gonna reply next - dont't you guys feel like the point of Source is completely lost? I mean, I already told so to Voli. I've heard this song from another videogame, so it's literally a source and there it's fully in english. So adding korean name was already unnecessary in my opinion, because now it's not consistent with the source origins. I should have used current meta if I was referring to an album. And now you want me to refer to a korean website. How could I even found this out myself if I can't read korean? That means that just choosing to map a non-english song practically makes it almost impossible to find correct data without 3rd party help. And I'd be okay if the meta was wrong, but hey, if PIU got his song/artist used fully in english, shouldn't it mean that the singer himself signed and agreed to use exactly this data? Because they diffenetly contacted him as PIU is a commercial game.

Doyak wrote:

Also if you think you can rely on that CD, it shows outsider (all lowercase) and I guess you don't want to follow it.
icebeam maybe address this and other counterarguments first before going off on your own spiel behind your philosophy on the "necessity of metadata" and whatnot. i love your map, but its sad to see you make such a pointless argument over a rather insignificant change in the long run. just get it over with and move on..

i don't even think you have to contact your original 2 bns for requalification, just poke the qat and its done

IceBeam wrote:

no one's gonna even sue you anyway, so adding extra fields and guidelines which make an already extremely tiring ranking process even more complicated is a really wise and well-thought decision, right?
maps have already been taken down from download and mp3 removed due to DMCA, who's to say suing isn't a plausible option

IceBeam wrote:

and finally, why shouild I see a foreign alphabet which is unreadable for me when I play my own map? I find this offending and dissapointing for my gaming experience.
because koreans also play this game
Also there's an option to change everything to English if you don't wanna see those disgusting Korean alphabet :)
The metadata is correct according to the available sources. I don't see much need to amend it at this point, to be honest. Both sources don't use the hangul version of his name.. Even on the site Doyak linked, the artist is referred to in English on the album list.
@ toybot I'm pretty sure that koreans that play osu are also pretty familiar with PiU and they won't have any problems with reading english titles and it will be more consistent for everyone. As usual, don't blindly ignore my arguments about terms of using Source in general and that exactly this song is represented in english in another popular rhythm game and I'm pretty sure personally Outsider himself was fine with that data. So referring to PiU my data was correct, and everything else should be optional.

and to answer your question regarding lowercase name on the cd cover - well, that's a very weak argument. you know, many artists even write their names upside down on the covers, so what? that's like, design and a font choice, huh?

personally I don't wanna behave like that, but I'm forced to defend what I think is right, and moreover what feels more logical to me. I'll do the changes if I'll get strong arguments and if my point will be also considered, at least because I can't shit on Reiji's & Panda's work. But what me makes really upset is that I've heard the same things from dozens of people that aren't happy about all these guidelines that make ranking process cringy for both mappers and bns. and just look what all this disscussion is turned into (even if it's me to blame it for) and how so many people waste that much time on a such minor thing like that instead of focusing on making ranking process more user-friendly, especially for novices.
Complaining about a map getting disqualified for a small thing belongs in the past. Unlike a few years ago there's no punishment at all for the BNs if a map they nominated gets disqualified. So nobody is getting 'screwed' for pushing the qualified button. The only thing that would happen is they might have to recheck it for a couple minutes and the map will be ranked a few days later, it really shouldn't be a big deal.

Also, related to the actual topic: The point of metadata is that it's consistent across all mapsets that get ranked. For example, multiple maps of the same song should have the exact same metadata applied to it. This can only be ensured by having stricter rules than in the past, because obviously it didn't work well back then at all. I personally don't care much about it either, but I'll just leave it to the experts if there's something wrong with the metadata on my sets. So yeah, my point is you should just change it so it's consistent with other korean songs ranked in the last year(s) and move on.
okay then, thanks for a first logical explanation of why metadata should be that strict. but I still want to also find out some logic in filling Source fields.
let's imagine a case:

for example there's a singer who's called Ninja in a Pyjama but he's also well-known as just NiP. He uses both of these names and he's easily recognizable to everyone.

he releases a cd album with Ninja in a Pyjama name at the cover / data. Then some game developer contacts him and buys one of his tracks from that album for a commerical video game. and let's imagine that the versions don't have any difference between them at all. let's imagine it's an ending song, okay? they agree on the terms of use but they use NiP as a data in credits after the game, or whatever, let's even say in a released cd soundtrack of the game.

I've heard the song in that commercial video game and plan to map it at osu. I also use that game's name in the Source. So the question is: what name should I use - Ninja in a Pyjama or NiP?
Since its basically the same thing, i do believe it depends on under what name that was released. As for romanization, instead of going throught all this problem, good idea would be to check if original arcade or whatever it is have artists romanizated or not, and in case if song was specially composed for the game with romanizated title/artist use it, and if not use meta what song was released with.
At least i find it better way to go with
Ideally, 아웃사이더 should be used, I see Outsider used visually mostly, while things written about him or in description is in Korean. Like how the title in his video uses 아웃사이더 while in the mv you see Outsider.
I guess unlike those games, osu gives information in original and translated version, so while those other games are forced to only keep the language the target audience use, we can keep the original.
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