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Voli wrote:

yo, cool map and song, just a couple of structure things i noticed before this gets pushed to qualified


  1. 00:21:421 (1) - this one feels underwhelming compared to your usual patterning with these (ex. 01:06:754 (1) -
    ). Usually you map these patterns with some sort of flowbreak and increased spacing, but here 00:21:421 (1) - doesn't stand out much and the jump to 00:21:921 (2) - feels too much :p consider ctrl+g on that last one? I got what you mean, but that's the first jumpy section of the map, so I wanted 00:20:754 (11,12) to flow into this carefully, I even thought to stack slider end of (12) to start of the (1) slider lol anyway, overall I like this particular pattern so I'd like to leave it as it is.
  2. 00:22:587 (5) - that strong vocal is on a sliderend here? not sure if you want that (as its the only one mapped like this throughout the entire map i think) fully re-arranged this pattern. thanks.
  3. 00:50:754 (1) - i feel like you can give this some more emphasis, with the big sv change the jump from 00:50:587 (15) - feels rather underwhelming. How about this? https://voli.s-ul.eu/yCQKUfmi.png uhhh, doesn't look good to me now, but I guess I had to change it. fixed.
  4. 01:22:754 (1) - separate this note/place it further away from the rest of the pattern cuz of the huge finish and new combo? example: https://voli.s-ul.eu/e0uKjHhm.png that's a nice suggestion, I changed that.
  5. ^ same goes for notes like 02:08:088 (1) -, check through the map if you can find places like this if you apply it changed that as well
  6. sometimes the beat pairing feels a bit wrong: 02:33:254 (1,2) - are paired in this pattern but according to the song 02:33:421 (2) - should be placed further away. Same goes for notes like 02:28:087 etc. yeah, gotcha, I agree that the downbeat should start the combo and be a jump-to note, but in this case I just see no way to re-arrange this pattern without losing the flow and overall reworking of whole loop :\ so if it's possible, I'll just leave it like this so far but gonna keep ur suggestion in mind for future.
  7. 01:56:754 (1,2,1,2) - I don't really understand the NCing here o.o whats the deal with that? well that's a pretty common combo pattern in my map, where I point out double-circles jump patterns. there're many of such in this particulap map and in my other maps generally

gl! and welcome back to the mapping hood :Dthanks a lot ;)
Go Beam-RJ!!!

go go go
🍨reminder for oko himself 🍨

00:50:754 (1) - previous pattern felt better to me :(
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Delis wrote:

🍨reminder for oko himself 🍨

00:50:754 (1) - previous pattern felt better to me :(
thanks ;) yeah. I don't really like the new one as well, so let's see if I can make it more jumpy as it was before.
After researching I finally found the official CD cover. The song is 05. on this tracklist.



So, metadata is going to be:
Title: 남자답게
Romanised Title: Like A Man

According to both sources, artist can be kept how it is (Outsider).
Add Soliloquist to tags as it's the album name.

23:21 Voli: hey, do you need another bn for your map?
23:21 Voli: still
23:21 Voli: i wouldnt mind pushing it /w you
23:23 IceBeam: hey! well, I actually thought u won't come back to re-check it, but if u want/can qualify it then go ahead~
23:24 Voli: yea i was kinda limited with time
23:24 Voli: alright
23:24 Voli: you wanna irc a bit then?
23:24 IceBeam: okay no prob, just didn't really want to bother u much
23:24 IceBeam: uh I actually was about to sleep xD got something more to point out?
23:24 Voli: na its fine
23:25 Voli: hmm
23:25 Voli: well one thing is that your combos get so high in the map
23:25 Voli: sometimes you nc every 2 measures and sometimes 1
23:25 Voli: wouldnt you wanna cut combos like this into 2
23:25 Voli: 00:13:087 (17) -
23:28 IceBeam: they're usually at 2 measures but I cut to 1 in stream moments or some where 1 seems more suitable. if long combos are rankabnle then I'd like to leave it as it is cause it's the way I did them my whole mapping carreer. sorta old-schoolish thing
23:29 Voli: hmm
23:29 Voli: yea i understand
23:29 Voli: well the only thing in the RC is
23:29 Voli: Ensure that your combos are not unreasonably short or long. Combos should reflect patterns expressed in the song, such as bars of music or vocal/instrumental phrases.
23:30 Voli: and i dont think your map necessarily breaks that
23:31 Voli: 00:34:421 (8) - move this one a bit closer to 00:33:921 (7) - maybe?
23:31 Voli: so the strong vocal at 00:34:754 (1) - stands out more
23:31 IceBeam: well it's how I feel it with nc
23:31 IceBeam: for example
23:31 IceBeam: 00:02:754 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11) -
23:31 IceBeam: I feel like these whole 2 measures make a rhytm
23:31 IceBeam: which repeats in another 2 measures
23:31 Voli: yeah i think it's fine
23:31 IceBeam: and etc
23:32 Voli: it was just a thought
23:32 IceBeam: so breaking it would be unnatural for me
23:33 IceBeam: okay moved to 36 120
23:33 Voli: alright
23:33 Voli: 00:09:087 (6) -
23:33 Voli: consider [https://voli.s-ul.eu/xNUxnexn.png this] rhythm?
23:34 Voli: you usually have these sounds on a note 00:09:421 -
23:36 IceBeam: tried that but would like to leave mine
23:36 Voli: okay
23:36 Voli: 01:09:921 (4) - shouldnt that be a triple for the vocals?
23:38 IceBeam: well about that I use the same rhytm in all the chorus parts so changing anything would break whole consistency
23:38 Voli: ah yeah
23:38 Voli: i noticed now
23:38 Voli: you skip those vocals everytime
23:38 Voli: mm okay
23:39 Voli: lemme check quickly through the other diffs
23:39 IceBeam: alright
23:41 Voli: countdown on normal is inconsistent
23:41 Voli: normal has it off and the rest has it on
23:41 Voli: same with widescreen support
23:42 Voli: could you make them consistent across the diffs?
23:43 Voli: i think the title should be 남자답게 too
23:43 IceBeam: oh my bad, sure
23:43 Voli: and romanised ''like a man''
23:44 Voli: im not sure if Outsider is a romanised version of his artist name
23:44 IceBeam: hmm not sure, it's a track from rhytm game Pump it Up, and there it's written exacly like this. We checked everything in official sources
23:45 Voli: do you have a metadata source i can check :o
23:45 Voli: i gotta be sure otherwise i'll get fired from bn ;(
23:45 Voli: looljk
23:45 Voli: maybe
23:45 IceBeam: yeah there're lots of link in the thread, let me find it
23:47 IceBeam: list of songs in the game: http://www.piugame.com/piu.prime/piu.my ... =FIESTA_EX
23:47 IceBeam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xl3nQB3 ... e=youtu.be
23:47 IceBeam: and this song exacly in game, a video
23:48 Voli: hmm
23:48 IceBeam: so if we take PiU as a Source I guess we gotta use this meta
23:48 Voli: lemme see
23:48 Voli: i just bubbled another map from that game
23:49 *Voli is editing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1360693 Louis - Chung Hwa Ban Jeom [Another]]
23:49 Voli: pandahero does have the hangul name as title though
23:51 IceBeam: perhaps in that map
23:51 IceBeam: I mean track*
23:51 IceBeam: but here I found a video from PiU version
23:51 IceBeam: u see it when u play this track on PiU
23:51 Voli: ah?
23:51 IceBeam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kp9NN8H8jE
23:51 Voli: is that version different
23:51 Voli: from the original song?
23:51 IceBeam: in the video it's also romanized
23:51 Voli: Music
23:52 Voli: "남자답게" by Outsider ()
23:52 Voli: https://hulkpop.com/album-outsider-vol-1-soliloquist/
23:52 Voli: thats the album the song is from
23:53 Voli: its 05.
23:54 IceBeam: uhh I don't know if they're different.. I mean if I took it separetely from artist's album - then I should have used korean name, but if I use a rhytm game I saw it and there it's romanized - then I should this name
23:54 IceBeam: that's really complicated lol

Call me!
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@ Voli

- fixed title in all difs
- added album name to tags in all diffs
- applied those changes we disscussed yesterday on normal and freestyle
Grats on first qualified map in 5 years :D
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thanks for help everyone~

welcome to 2012, osu peeps
Gratzu, Beam and Panda!!!
Yay \o/
Yes! Many congratulations IceBeam~ (and Reiji-RJ + PandaHero as well!)

btw @Reiji : In case you're reading this the supporter tag that you received earlier was actually from me hehe - no particular reason or else really, I was just looking at my friend list back then to check whether there are still many active mappers from the past days and I'm simply feeling like giving it to someone at random :3
holy shit the nostalgia

palju õnne
Natteke desu
Absolutely amazing.
I love this
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