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Problem Details:
When i delete maps NOT one by one, it keeps returning when i press F5 (refresh)

I have 26k maps and when i delete 2k and refresh it returns to 26k
And i dont want to delete it one by one.
Please help me (

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20170731.2 (latest)
please help :(
How are you going about deleting the maps?

Discussed this in #help, he is deleting beatmaps with the "Delete ALL VISIBLE Beatmaps" button.

When I attempted to recreate the issue I was sort of successful. I deleted 500 maps twice, and upon refreshing 5 and then 1 of them returned, however not all of them returned, which seems to be what is happening to S1ck.

This same issue seems to have been briefly discussed here:

Also could been related to what happened here:

Most likely has something to do with osu! only deleting the .osu files
maybe try to delete the folder of beatmaps and then empty the recycle bin
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