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Problem Details:

Yesterday i did a score on a osu!beatmap and totay it show my old score.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

there are two screenshot of the problem

osu! version: b20170731.2 (Stable)

Have a good day !
Those screenshots are so blurry I can't see the scores on them. Check to see if the B score is actually greater than the A score. If it isn't, you still will not receive anything for it because osu! will only attempt to upload it for 1 hour after the play or until you close the client
The "A" score is greater than "B" score, so just wait 1 hour, and if after 1 hour, the score is not updated, then you'll have to redo the play, as Sandy Hoey said.
well... osu! is broken ^^ thx for help !

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