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[Archived] Tablet not installing/working (Drivers).

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I bought a new Wacom CTH480 tablet today. I downloaded the latest drivers installer from here: ... rt/drivers. Although, when I ran the installer, a message kept popping saying 'The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application. When I press OK, it pops right again. This happens I'd say mid-way of the installer installing the drivers. What I did was kept pressing OK multiple times, then suddenly it said the installer was finished or something around those lines and said that I have to restart my PC. So of course I did, but when it came back on, there was no application of Wacom tablet on my desktop, so I used a program called 'Search Everything' to search for the program to run it and use my tablet (I have my tablet plugged in). I try running it, but the same message earlier message keeps showing. I tried uninstalling the drivers, and installing a previous version of them, still the same problem. <-- The message that keeps popping whenever I tried installing the drivers.

osu! version: 20170731.2 (latest)
Try temporarily disabling your anti-virus and attempt to install again.
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I have tried all the following options (Anti-virus was disabled the whole time when I have done all of them)

1. Uninstalled drivers and reinstalled them.
2. Repaired my .NET framework
3. Ran command prompt and typed: chkdsk /f C:
4. Redownloaded Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable and installed it (Repaired).
5. Opened elevated command prompt and typed: sfc /scannow
6. Searched for 'dxdiag.exe' and ran the 64-bit dxdiag at the bottom of it (No problems found).
7. Tried running Wacom Tablet Properties after all of that. Nothing solved the issue.
8. Uninstalled everything wacom-related and downloaded different drivers from a friend. Although, it didn't run and just pretty much didn't work.
9. At this point, I made a lot of changes to my PC, so I tried to download the drivers again from the website, but unfortunately, didn't work (I ran everything as an administrator).

I ran everything as an administrator and my anti-virus was disabled the whole time. Of course, I had to restart my PC couple times, but I made sure my anti-virus was still disabled. If anyone knows what the problem here, please do respond to this thread. Thank you very much!
Well, i've installed it on Windows 10 with the CD, try to install the driver from the CD, and don't let it download the latest driver version! you can do that later
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Doesn't seems to be working :/ I don't even know what (0xc000007b) means. This is really annoying!

- I'm on windows 7.
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