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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Montag, 28. Mai 2018 at 17:15:34

Artist: Lolishit
Title: Breakawaii
Tags: LOLI JUICE Lolishit Breakawaii Neeyko
BPM: 198
Filesize: 1517kb
Play Time: 00:54
Difficulties Available:
  1. Kawaii (5,64 stars, 212 notes)

Download: Lolishit - Breakawaii
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Let's get this ranked/loved
hola from modhelp
timing as you asked for

no kds thx good luck with the map
10:37 TwixNeko: hi do you have 1 second time ?
10:37 TwixNeko: i need help with my offset
10:37 TwixNeko: t/638812
10:37 tatatat: hi
10:38 tatatat: 5000 ?
10:39 TwixNeko: i will test it one sec
10:40 TwixNeko: wow osu crashed
10:40 TwixNeko: never had a crash before
10:40 tatatat: o
10:40 tatatat: offset I suggested was 5000
10:40 tatatat: you should probably also add LOLI JUICE to the tags, since its the album name c:
10:41 TwixNeko: ye i will - Thx tho
10:41 TwixNeko: normally i map the things (without modding it) and then add tags and stuff like that before modding
10:41 tatatat: ahh
10:42 tatatat: also before you get settled with offsets, you should probably get a different .mp3 file, your current .mp3 file is too low quality to be rankable.
10:42 tatatat: if you care about that
10:42 TwixNeko: ummm at 1:20:00:00 it sounds weird with metronome... is there any bpm change=?
10:42 tatatat: where?
10:42 tatatat: 1:20:000 - ?
10:43 TwixNeko: at 1 minute 20 seconds
10:43 tatatat: maybe your BPM isn't right.
10:43 TwixNeko: i mean the part there
10:43 TwixNeko: or does it fit the bpm?
10:45 tatatat: at around 01:24:038 - ?
10:45 TwixNeko: idk ;-; i am not good with bpm changes and offsets...
10:45 TwixNeko: helpppp
10:45 tatatat: idk if there is a change of BPM, but that is when the new section starts
10:46 TwixNeko: how can i get a better quality mp3? i downloaded it with tubemate from YT
10:47 tatatat: I can link you a better quality one
10:47 tatatat: can you give me the youtube url you used?
10:47 TwixNeko: okeh
10:48 TwixNeko: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lg4Ha6k7Yes
10:48 TwixNeko: i guess this onee
10:49 TwixNeko: btw at 39 seconds it sounds weird too - any new section there??
10:52 tatatat: I don't think so.
10:52 tatatat: just a different mood
10:52 TwixNeko: oke
10:53 tatatat: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ox6q8zep6os4d ... i.mp3?dl=0 here
10:54 tatatat: this is 128kbps, the required minimum c:
10:54 TwixNeko: thx a lot
10:54 TwixNeko: and how much kbps was mien?
10:55 tatatat: 116
10:55 TwixNeko: oh
10:55 tatatat: o 119 woops
10:55 tatatat: still wasn't enough sadly.
10:55 tatatat: has to be at least 128, and at most 192
10:55 TwixNeko: my download says it was 128...
10:55 TwixNeko: weird
10:55 TwixNeko: ok how do i change the mp3 now?
10:56 TwixNeko: complete new mapset? or just delete mp3 and paste the new one?
10:59 TwixNeko: tatatat look t/638812/start=0
10:59 TwixNeko: what happened??+
10:59 tatatat: delete old and paste new one
10:59 TwixNeko: ok
10:59 TwixNeko: but look at the link
10:59 TwixNeko: he says something else#
10:59 tatatat: maybe he is right.
11:00 tatatat: take his advice lol
11:00 tatatat: multiple people's advice is good
11:00 TwixNeko: oki
11:00 TwixNeko: i will check that
11:03 TwixNeko: ok i uploaded
11:03 tatatat: I think I'm going to work on my own map now, I'm going to post the chatlog to the forums
11:03 tatatat: and you can give kudosu if you want c:
11:03 TwixNeko: can you check if the quality is now good?
11:04 TwixNeko: waituuu
11:04 TwixNeko: i am not sure if the mp3 updated
11:04 TwixNeko: i reuploaded - is the quality good now?
11:04 tatatat: I'll check
11:06 tatatat: seems good!
Thank you Quite Cynical :O You are very smart!

Thank you tatatat for better quality mp3 :D
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