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Hello! I've started making beatmaps recently. I really enjoy doing so, and usually I am doing songs that are not done yet (IE some rock songs from like Tool Incubus and whatnot). I am not good enough yet to do "HARD" difficulties but I am very proficient at making 3 star and below ones. My problem is there is some sort of max limit of 2 submitted beatmaps total... And I can make a 1-2 star + a 3 star map per day.

So I have like 9 beatmaps finished ready to upload, but I can only do 2 at a time. How long does it usually take for a map to get disapproved / approved? I upload them when they are half-done as full submission > work in progress..then when I finish them, I do full submission > Pending beatmap upload.. and now my beatmaps are in the pending beatmaps forum.

I am new to this, so i just was wondering how long it takes usually. One of them has been there pending for 2 days (I have no frame of reference for time needed to check maps so..pls don't rage @ me for thinking 2 days is long..i have no idea.)

ty for any replies =)
You can wait for them to graveyard (1 month without any post in the thread), or go through the ranking process to get them ranked.

The ranking process is usually quite long, but it helps you improve a lot. Maps can stay between a few days and more than a year in pending, depending on how hard you're trying to get mods.

Do you know the ranking process exactly ?
How long does it take a beatmap to get approved? Almost impossible to answer directly.

It depends on how many active people are modding at the time, how good the maps are to begin with, if you happen to be around at the right times, etc. Some maps get approved in 1 week, some take 6 months or more. For your first map at least 1-2 months is expected unless working very hard at it.

However there are some things you can do to help the progress go faster. You can try posting in some of the modding queues on the forum to get assisstance on how to improve your mapset or post your map in #modreqs on osu!. Once you have done enough of that and think your maps have no problems, you can try asking some of the MATs to get your map "bubbled" and hopefully approved later on.
(It is recommended you have a complete mapset before asking too many people for mods)

If you have any other problems feel free to ask~
(Also semi ninja'ed by Odaril :P)
Additionally if you get a map ranked your upload slots increase by 1 per map ranked until a max of 5 for non-supporters and a max of 8 for supporters
What do you guys mean by "modding"? I'm not quite sure. As far as i know right now...make 2 difficulties..make sure bpm is right and the beatmap works well / is passable and upload to pending. what am i missing there? I feel as though there's some critical stuff I don't know about haha.

After your map is submitted you gotta ask other users to check your map for faults/suggestions to improve until a MAT checks your map and if they find no issues on it they will mark it with a thought bubble icon, then a BAT will check your map and if they dont find any issues either they will mark it with Heart and your map will be Ranked after that.
ok that explanation was amazing ty so much!
Ok additionally i just realized this should've been on General questions... lol
If you need any more info it wouldn't hurt to read through the Submission/Editing parts of the FAQ and looking through the Terms Glossary

(You will find out what Modding/MAT/BAT etc means)
Ok I will make sure to read all of those soon. My last question (if anyone is still looking here haha) is can I DELETE a uploaded work in progress post? So I can replace it with a different map? I have one beatmap i feel i'd rather not go through this process with first...and I have another one to put in its place. Is there any way to delete it?
No, once you have uploaded a map to the forum you are not able to delete or remove it (this is to try and make mappers focus on the maps they have created and not forget about them and just start new ones)

If you want to give up on a map you will have to wait 1 month with no posts/submissions on it and it will graveyard itself.
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