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How useful was my mod?

Super useful
50.00% 2
Quite useful
50.00% 2
A bit useful
0.00% 0
Not useful at all
0.00% 0
It was counterproductive
0.00% 0
Total votes: 4
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hi ho o/

nm please~
https://osu.ppy.sh/s/542127 (only the overdose since az said i only need one or two more mods on the said diff)

thanks in advance~

maybe I can mod angelic angel but I can't promise you anything yet, so pretend that this is not exist
Hi there, NM is possible


thank you in advance I can't do m4m right now but later in the month i'll reopen my queue and let you have higher priority if accepted
hello, i can do m4m.


Erik "Jit" Scheele - Negastrife
6:25 (5:34 drain)

no-mod if posible ^^


thanks in advance
Requests that I accept:
  1. -Deleck- (NM)
  2. Skycreeper- (NM)
  3. Xetopia (NM)
  4. Kagari (NM for Overdose)
  5. RoseusJaeger (NM)
  6. lulu lemon (M4M)
  7. BoberOfDarkness (NM)

I will mod lulu lemon's map first since he offered m4m and after that I will mod in the order the requests were made.

@lulu lemon: Is there a map from the m4m box that you would like to mod? If not you can wait a bit because I will add some more maps in the near future.

@Kagari: I might mod your map earlier than the others since the request is only one tv-size diff but I want you to answer to the mod of Nokashi first.

The next requests will be accepted next Sunday! much to do next week, 7 mods while working full time xD
M4M waiting for chino - > https://osu.ppy.sh/s/615464 8-)
Hey there :)
NM if possible please


Thank you for your time :D
Hello! NM request please.


Thanks in advance <3
https://osu.ppy.sh/s/642896 gonna need some mods on the ctb diffs boi
thx in advance
Hi! NM request
i'm learning about modding but... :|
NM pls <3
ignore overdose :3 thanks in advance.
Mods that I accept for the next week (I still need to do the mods for Roseus and Bober):
  1. WildOne94 (NM)
  2. rew0825 (NM)
  3. JeirYagtama (NM)
  4. -Sh1n1- (NM)

@cyrxyz: Is your map meant for ranked or just for fun? I don't want to mod maps that are just for fun and when it is meant for ranked I suggest you to read the ranking criteria to have a first clue on what to improve in your map. If you still want me to help you with your map we can have a ingame chat about your map (even if it's only for fun). Feel free to message me via forum or ingame if you are interested.

Guys please note: I made some changes on the first post of the queue. Make sure to read it once more. The changes involve:
  1. Changes affecting the rules.
  2. A poll where you can vote how useful my mod was (it would be nice if you could also message me what was useful about my mod, what not and what you were missing in my mod). Don't hesitate to tell me the truth - it just helps me improving!
  3. On Hold Requests (mainly a self-reminder)
  4. A list of mods I provided through this queue, divided into NM and M4M.
  5. A new M4M map: Secret Energy (mapset by JBHyperion).

The next requests will be accepted as always next Sunday!
NM please :3
Thanks in advance

M4M! (ill mod all 3 of your maps)
NM please
Thanks in advance!
Hi ! >w</

I would like to request a NM for my map

Song Title: Eight Linear Sides
Artist: MowtenDoo
Length: 0:59 (0:52 drain)
Link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/524286
Difficulties: all ctb diffs (if possible) ^v^

Thank you <3
henlo id love a NM for my map~ (7 mins drain time oh no)


Thanks in advance!
I realized that I need to restructure my modding queue. Not much time and motivation these days.

I accept every request from this week but I can't tell you when I will mod your map - probably not next week.

For now I will close this queue, clear the open requests, restructure my queue and open it again.

I reopened my queue, let's see how things will go!

Ned mods for this mapset, thanks in advance! :D

Remi Gazel - Harmony
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