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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
yoo !!

00:11:130 (4) - this stream is a little ugly ? u cld also start a nc here
in fact this entire first section a lot less intense than the rest, so it doesn't make sense that it should be so hard
01:15:812 (1) - perhaps these could be laid out better? in a nice repeating pattern, perhaps as jumps, just try and make it symmetrical
01:50:147 (1) - these streams are very good well done !!
01:54:656 (2) - too fast and there's no clear indication that its going to be faster, other than the new combo.
02:29:685 (1) - this section feels like it should have much slower slider velocity
02:36:621 (2) - im not so much a fan of these slider designs, they aren't a different enough sound than the sliders before, so they dont need to have weird slider shapes, keep it consistent

overall, your timing seems to be good (although aimod has some issues with unsnapped objects)
its mainly aesthetic stuff, making the map look good, and making all the objects clearly relate to each other. good job!

oh and. open aimod under file > open aimod, and follow what it says. you need to snap some objects, set a preview point and add a background x

good luck!
hey from #modreqs

[*]The piano notes up until the first break are all 1/3 or 1/6, it seems like you snapped them to 1/4. The drums are 1/4 though. xi does this a lot.

[*]Stream shapes could be cleaner in some instances, for example 00:38:009 (5,6,7,8,9,1,2,3,4,5) - just looks completely weird around the NC, 00:38:876 (6,7,8,9,1,2,3) - is similar but not as obvious, the transition between the differently curved parts of the stream simply isn't smooth.

[*]01:00:725 (1,2) - something like this wrongly suggests to the player that the gap is 1/4 since it's a very similar spacing to all the streams, if you don't want to make it the same spacing as the 1/2 notes before (for emphasis) you can stack (2) under the sliderend and it's also obvious that something is different, but as it is it's very confusing.

[*]01:05:407 (4,1) - Similar, it's not as easy to misread because it's slower, but it still doesn't really make sense for emphasis and does have the potential to be misread. Again, stacking would work well, or just making the gap twice as large.

[*]01:10:610 (1) - This entire pattern doesn't look very clean, if you're doing something like this use copy pasting and rotating to make it look a lot better (all the sliders with the same curve, same distance to each other, etc).

[*]01:21:708 (5) - Break doesn't really seem fitting to me

[*]01:38:182 - And this spinner is obnoxiously long, especially since it's not really mapped to a continuous sound that would actually justify it. I get that it's mapped over the drum build up, but it's just not nice to play.

[*]Overall you're not really doing much to emphasize the song in the right places, notes like 00:56:563 (1) - are much stronger than the surrounding ones yet don't stand out in any way. Something like 00:59:511 (6,1,2) - makes no sense in terms of emphasis at all, the strong notes are (6) and 00:59:858, yet you have large spacing to (1) while 00:59:858 is completely disemphasized as a sliderend. You should really be using much more variable spacing in an extra diff, otherwise you're unable to actually emphasize anything properly and the map becomes unrelated to the song in everything but rhythm.

Good Luck~
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