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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
Current Priority: +0
Well i think alot of people will support me cause i know that .. 98% of Osu!'s Community watches hentai soo my idea is a Hentai channel where people can discuss about.. hentai stuff cuz in the #osu channel players get disturbed and we get silenced or either banned so .. I think thats its rather fair to us that ... watch alot of hentai.. Well thats was from me hope that the people that will support me say what they want to say and have a good day :)

~ PwnzAlot cuz he owns all of you!
I'm MightyHazama, and I approve of this message. 8-)
...joking aside, I'm sure peppy won't approve this, since this is something he doesn't want to see in his server, simple as that. Besides, having a porn/hentai channel is just senseless. There must be tons others anime IRC servers with a hentai channel you could go to, and you can suggest that to your disturbing friends in case you want to discuss something in group. Please do that privately, though.

This game is supposed to be for all ages, so having a channel like that, even if it were and option, and even if it had a warning, would be pretty risky and stupid.
I guess this cat just joined the fray.
Here is basically your answer, and I honestly never see anything like this being implemented. As Gens said, osu! is meant to be a game suitable for all ages and if you want to discuss adult content material, you can do it in PM or somewhere else suitable.


peppy wrote:

This is not one of my intended purposes of osu!.
Going to have to deny this.
(Or gens can ninja deny it for me :P)
Oh i totally forgot about that thread, nice find James
holy shit it's Gens
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