I want to start a std tournament for people who are 90k-50k

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Hi there! So I've been watching a few osu tournaments and I've been thinking I should start one. The only problem is I don't have friends I don't have anyone to help me out. Another limitation I face is the fact that my pc is terrible and can not handle obs or anything like that. I also have school and family stuff to deal with so I won't have enough time.

If anyone would be interested in helping me out, join my Discord here: https://discord.gg/pM2cPb
Shino Inuzuka
This invite is invalid or expired.
[ Scarlet Red ]
I'd be happy to help you out or point you in the right direction.

Just a few things, #1 your instant invite has expired (or you put the wrong one there). You wanna make the discord link unlimited time so everyone can click and join it no matter when they click it.

Next, you shouldn't focus on streaming especially if it's your first tournament. I did that, and it didn't go well for me (however some people can manage it, depends on the individual). I'd recommend focusing on the actual integrity and setup of the tournament.

If you need help, I'm available (however from october - december I have a tournament that I'm hosting for osu!mania. So during that time I may be more focused on my tournament)
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