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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2018年1月3日 at 19:57:21

Artist: LiSA
Title: Datte Atashi no Hero. -TV ver.-
Source: 僕のヒーローアカデミア
Tags: season two boku no hero academia my anime bakugou midoriya
BPM: 189
Filesize: 2561kb
Play Time: 01:26
Difficulties Available:
  1. Futsuu (2.36 stars, 230 notes)
  2. Kantan (1.54 stars, 137 notes)
  3. Muzukashii (2.99 stars, 375 notes)
  4. Oni (4.38 stars, 551 notes)

Download: LiSA - Datte Atashi no Hero. -TV ver.-
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
my first beatmap

thank you all modders!
00:00 *iloveyou4ever is playing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1392833 LiSA - Datte Atashi no Hero. -TV ver.- [Oni]] <Taiko> +Hidden
00:02 iloveyou4ever: quite nice
00:02 iloveyou4ever: I can't believe it's a first map lol
00:02 TAKAHIRO69: thank you!
00:03 iloveyou4ever: 00:07:104 (40,41,42,43) -
00:03 iloveyou4ever: you can make them in 5plet
00:03 iloveyou4ever: 5 notes
00:03 TAKAHIRO69: hmm
00:03 TAKAHIRO69: i feel the doublet rhythm is more interesting
00:03 iloveyou4ever: it flows better imo
00:04 iloveyou4ever: yeah it's interesting
00:04 iloveyou4ever: emm up to you,you can just keep it
00:04 TAKAHIRO69: i will think about it
00:04 iloveyou4ever: 00:05:596 (29) - remove and add don at 00:05:754 - ?
00:04 iloveyou4ever: emm no
00:05 iloveyou4ever: ignore my suggestion
00:05 iloveyou4ever: 00:12:024 - change to don
00:05 TAKAHIRO69: oh, good idea
00:06 iloveyou4ever: 00:14:881 - change to finisher?
00:07 iloveyou4ever: 00:35:358 - same
00:08 TAKAHIRO69: hm, it doesnt feel right for me
00:08 iloveyou4ever: just a suggestion~~
00:08 iloveyou4ever: I think the beats are stronger
00:09 TAKAHIRO69: they dont feel strong enough to me so i will keep
00:09 iloveyou4ever: 00:50:913 (290,291,292,293,294,295,296,297,298,299,300) - it fits the music but somehow I don't think it's quite rankable in osu!
00:10 TAKAHIRO69: hm, its simple emphasis through triplets
00:10 iloveyou4ever: http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/8958601
00:10 iloveyou4ever: I will change like this
00:10 TAKAHIRO69: i dont see this being a problem
00:10 iloveyou4ever: yes but it's quite rare to see such patterns appearing in ranked taiko maps
00:10 TAKAHIRO69: current pattern gives more accent on the vocals
00:11 iloveyou4ever: valid reason,ok
00:11 iloveyou4ever: 00:53:453 (315,316) - change to kk?
00:12 iloveyou4ever: 00:56:866 - perhaps adding d here is a good idea
00:12 TAKAHIRO69: why?
00:12 iloveyou4ever: 00:53:453 (315) - has a higher pitch than 00:53:612 -
00:12 iloveyou4ever: since you're mapping to vocal here
00:13 TAKAHIRO69: it feels lower for me
00:13 TAKAHIRO69: the tone
00:13 iloveyou4ever: maybe just the vocal difference
00:14 iloveyou4ever: ok~~
00:14 TAKAHIRO69: yea
00:14 TAKAHIRO69: color change adds more accent imo
00:15 iloveyou4ever: 01:13:770 - maybe change to finisher?
00:16 TAKAHIRO69: good idea, but it would be conflict with 01:15:040 - 01:16:310 - etc.
00:16 iloveyou4ever: finishers often used to emphasize first beat
00:16 iloveyou4ever: but yeah I see your point
00:17 iloveyou4ever: leave it to you
00:17 TAKAHIRO69: brb getting drink
00:17 iloveyou4ever: 01:20:278 - add d here cuz of the drum sound
00:18 TAKAHIRO69: back
00:19 TAKAHIRO69: its a good idea but i want to leave a break for more accent on the vocal at 01:20:119 -
00:19 iloveyou4ever: in this part I'd rather mapping to the drum sound more
00:20 iloveyou4ever: because drum sounds seem to be more dominant than the vocal
00:20 TAKAHIRO69: hm
00:20 TAKAHIRO69: it just feels better pace for me
00:21 iloveyou4ever: hm flow is better maybe
00:21 iloveyou4ever: that's all I can find lol
00:21 iloveyou4ever: the map is pretty good
00:21 TAKAHIRO69: thank you!
00:21 iloveyou4ever: but beware of the spread
00:21 TAKAHIRO69: do you have any advice for the lower difficulties?
00:21 iloveyou4ever: muzu 2.99* Oni 4.33*
00:22 iloveyou4ever: emm be careful of the spread is the most important thing for the whole mapset imo
00:22 iloveyou4ever: maybe you need to burf muzukashii or nerf Oni
00:22 TAKAHIRO69: hm, i will get some more opinions
00:23 iloveyou4ever: if the spread is uneven you can't get it ranked
00:23 TAKAHIRO69: i feel the oni is not very hard, but i will look again
00:23 iloveyou4ever: the muzukashii seems pretty good imo too
00:23 iloveyou4ever: pretty consistent and notes are placed in a nice way
00:23 TAKAHIRO69: wow, thank you!
00:24 iloveyou4ever: 01:25:834 (372,373,374,375) -
00:24 iloveyou4ever: and moreover
00:24 iloveyou4ever: the music seems a bit offbeat here
00:24 iloveyou4ever: the four finishers aren't placed to the time I think
00:24 iloveyou4ever: feels a bit off
00:25 TAKAHIRO69: hmmm
00:25 TAKAHIRO69: maybe the offset is slightly wrong
00:25 TAKAHIRO69: i will ask someone to look at it
00:26 iloveyou4ever: ok
00:26 TAKAHIRO69: thank you!
00:26 iloveyou4ever: good luck!
00:26 TAKAHIRO69: thanks
00:27 TAKAHIRO69: so how does this mod work? i heard i need to give kudosu
00:27 iloveyou4ever: hmm yes if someone mods your map,you can decide to give kudosu or not
00:27 iloveyou4ever: do you think my mod worths a kudos?
00:27 iloveyou4ever: if yes I will post
00:27 TAKAHIRO69: i think so
00:27 TAKAHIRO69: i did change some note and will investigate timing

Good Luck!
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