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mishalegend wrote:

I think this is an extremely nice skin, good work!

I think the hit sounds and hit circles are good. When you hit and you get something like an 100 or 50 or something the text is really clear and stands out enough to let you know that you didn't get 300 which is very nice! The mod icons are very nice, I personally like them and I think the spinner and other gameplay elements are fine. The input panel on the right side is very nice as well. I can't find anything 'bad' to say for the skin, though the only thing I can ask is if the cursor is perfectly rounded or not? If it isn't is it suppose to be this way?

Besides that very nice skin I like it a lot!

Have a great evening,
cursor is cute egg :)
Tokino Nepkou
The skin is great and all but I think there's a problem with the map selection part. The stars or what it should be called is missing. :(

Too good, but please make sure everything does not come out

PS: Very nice keep going <3 :)
This skin is really nice! I especially like the hitsounds, they sound so impactful every time you hit a note, if it's possible do you think I could use them in the skin I'm making? I would credit you of course.
First ever forum post. this is by far my favourite skin. thank you for making it :)
only thing i think needs to change is when you start a map, the top line slides down, but it has a bit of black in the corner with it, which is a little irritating
Is the link dead ? can't download :'(
- Zuramaru -

snowfoxchan wrote:

Is the link dead ? can't download :'(
This link downloads fine for me, if you still want this skin.
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Wrongwayscout wrote:

This skin is really nice! I especially like the hitsounds, they sound so impactful every time you hit a note, if it's possible do you think I could use them in the skin I'm making? I would credit you of course.
I'd love to. ^^
hellaa... luv
It's very cute, [b]it's my first skin after a year
how do you change the numbers to stars and why are there 2 cursors in the file?
For anyone who's using the skin currently and having problems:

  1. To get the skin's back button, go into the skin folder and copy/paste "menu-back@2x.png" and rename the copy to "menu-back.png" (if the image is too large resize it to 252x252)
  2. To get numbers instead of stars, go into the skin folder, then Extra, then default, then 2, copy all the images there, go back to the main skin folder and paste. If you get a message asking if you want to replace or skip files with the same name, click replace. You should have numbers now. Copy/paste from folder 1 to get stars instead of numbers.
  3. To fix the invisible follow points, open skin.ini and change the value after AnimationFramerate to anything above 3. Anywhere from 15-30 seems to work best but it may vary.*
Personally I just copied one of the "larger" points (point 5 for example), deleted the remaining followpoints, and renamed the copy "followpoint.png". I set my animation framerate to 30.

(Sorry for necroposting)
Estou baixando essa skin pra ver como é que ela é, pelos comentários ela deve ser realmente otima
Very cute skin. I love the pink cursor and the stars for the numbers on the hitcircles. One thing i can say is that the upper part of the song selection screen is kinda weird x-x
Hey so... How do you make the stars numbers?
there is no difficulty stars :(

also there is an overlapping in the song selection. And the back button is not skinned :(

edit: oh my bad i did not backread.
Шкурка мне очень понравилось, удобно играть в режиме osu!, мне бы хотелось на полную шкуру с другими режимами, да, будет долго, но я всегда жду, главное, чтобы было от души, если конечно будет полная версия шкуры(
А так, мне очень нравиться ею играть, вот только после завершение песни немного изменить картину, либо ночью режет глаза, и ещё хочется чтобы добавили аобу в всплывающих картинках(ну тех, когда комбо делаешь и там картинка вылетает), было бы намного красиво) (да, я перфекционист, бывает)
Благодарю за трату вашего времени на мой коммент, и я благодарю автора шкурки, что он создал такую прекрасную и удобную шкурку)
cute skin
I love it!Thank you!!!
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