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~ "Can you mod my mapmod please?" ~

Hi there,

you thought it was the usual queue, but it was me, DIO just a bad joke.
Ok, on a more serious note, let's actually talk about what this queue is about.

  • The main goal of this queue is to improve modders, more then mappers. There are plenty of modding queues out there, whose only purpose is improving the maps our continuously growing community produces, but there are none to actually improve the work of those who make this improvement possible in the first place.
    People has started to uselessly complain about how there aren't enough BNs for everyone and that ranking is slow and that yadda yadda useless stuff yadda yadda. (quick note: BNs are not a service, they are volunteers, as you might be someday too. They have no obligation to check your map whatsoever)

    I won't really rant about this since that's not the point. The point is that we should think to some solution to actually improve the situation in the long term (by improving everyone's overall modding ability) and not in the short term (increasing the number of BNs for then come back to the same situation once these BNs retire for any reason).
This is my answer.
  • You guys will be posting your mods in this queue and I will edit each post with a mod over your mod, telling you what could be improved, what you missed or what can easily be ignored.
    This is by no means a full length course on how modding works or how it should be done. It's just me giving pointers so you can work further on your own on such aspects. If possible, it would be cool if you could upload the exact version of the map you modded, that way those who come later and just want to take a peak can see the map you modded and can have a direct way to check your suggestions, as well as mine afterwards. I will do so myself once I get to the mod in question anyway, but at that point fidelity might not be 100% to original so ye...

    It would also be cool if other people actually did this, and I refer mainly to the BNg and even more to the QAT, who are considered the top notch modders of the community. Regardless of this though, keep in mind that there is no perfect modder out there and what I might see might not be everything, as well as what a QAT/BN sees is not everything either. We are humans after all and we make mistakes, unlike machines (unfortunately).

    I hope that by making a comparison between your opinion on the map, the mapper's opinion about his own map and my opinion on top of all this can help you have a more open mind about what a map entails and what works and what doesn't in general. Just keep in mind we're not here to determine the universal truth about anything and maps that require heavy work might be skipped in general due to time constraints on my end.
    Hope you'll benefit from this, so without further ado, let the mods rolling!
    (Quick note: if the flux of mods is too high I might not get to everyone, so bare with me. I'm not here to just mod others' mods all day anyway x) )

In case you didn't notice, I have another queue from where I actually take mod requests from:
t/225078 (M4M only, rarely open) (I take BN checks by PM)

  1. the main point of the queue is asking for feedback about your own mods. In short, I will be modding your mods
  2. post any number (no more than 3 mods per post please) of mods you want to be reviewed
  3. you can post as many times, just don't spam me, I have a life and I won't be tending to this every day in any programmed schedule (I'm also the only one doing this and I'm not a machine)
  4. try to provide the exact .osz of what you modded for future reference
  5. I will be editing your post with my mod/comments for reference and eventually add the .osz I used if there is none provided
  6. read others' mods too, you might become the next BN if you expand your knowledge enough!
ah ye, someone please suggest a name for this, zzz

they told me it actually makes sense, alright
owo wholesome sensei

good luck!
This queue is testing my English ability
hoyl shet. this is actually exist? also can u mod my map mod?
^ Hasnt been updated yet, osz uploaded should be the one i modded

.osz file: https://mrsergio.s-ul.eu/ISwanxJd.osz

[Top diff]
  1. Your first point is indeed spot on, the spacing seems kinda huge right away. Generally, this isn't necessarily something to complain about, but later patterns like 00:46:505 (1,2) - and the comparison with the overall low spacing in the diff make it problematic because of consistency. They surely need to be emphasized,
    but that's a bit too much
  2. 00:16:736 (6,1) - I would say that this is rather minor. Whether a map has a certain star rating or not we should always understand what difficulty it represents. Personally I'd consider this as an Insane, seeing he uses varied jumps and rather not-so-easy to catch parts, like this one you linked.
  3. 00:18:813 (1) - I get the feeling you went a bit on the subjective side here ahahah xD
    While I can concede someone may not like this, it makes a lot of sense considering the song there. It can be refined, sure, but it is a nice addition to the map imo
  4. 00:25:275 (1) - the NC here is actually a half valid point. You probably considered the whole combo to have too few objects, and indeed may seem like that,
    but it rhythmically is the same as any other combo he did in the map, so it's consistent.
    If I were to point something on this part tho, it would be about the rhythm choice: 00:25:275 (1,2) - these should have been circles as he did 00:21:582 (1,2,3,4) - and 00:23:659 (2,3) - since they are similar sounds (and we should map what the song does, right? :) )
  5. 00:39:813 (3) - uhhh, I may be biased here, but it's something I usually avoid to do: it's filler rhythm. That circle there is meant simple to keep the momentum of the song. The way he placed it has no huge impact on the emphasis around that pattern, so it "should" be fine.
    Again, it's something I'd rather not do but which can be considered fine overall.

    Things I would have added myself about the map:
  6. well, in general I would have pointed out his rhythm choices, which appear a bit inconsistent sometimes: just take the point I made at 00:25:275 (1) -for example
    or 00:42:582 (4,1) - which misses the string sound completely lol
    or again rhythm for 00:34:505 (3,4) - , which would have worked better with circles
  7. another general thing I would have liked to see is how emphasis is managed... "not uniformly" sometimes: 00:22:275 (4,1) - this could have been bigger,
    if you consider parts like 00:05:890 (1,2,3,1,2) -
    or 00:23:890 (3,1) - this not working as well as other parts because of the flow: having a slider in the opposite direction of the jump makes it weaker in emphasis
    or 00:31:505 (4,1) - this jump could have been smaller if you listen to the song and its notes
  8. I also quite not like the overmap on things like 00:28:044 (1,2,3) - but let's say this is personal preference...
  1. "I feel your Distance Snap is wayy too high for the SV"
    Yes, great point. The current DS is 1.70 on average. This means that between objects we move at x1.70 times the speed at which we drag sliders. This might not be a big deal, but it makes a difference for new players (or so we assume) so we should usually try to not take these things too extremely on lower diffs.
    The example you brought up at 00:25:275 (5,6,1) - is also valid in that regard.
  2. As for 00:40:967 (1) - I must confess it was a bit hard to understand at first sight x) Try to be as clearer as possible whenever you can (no one likes to read a full length explanation when maybe you can go right to the point. I believe they can think a bit on their own too sometimes :P)
    Anyway, if I didn't misread, you meant that 00:42:582 - this is not clickable, while 00:42:813 - is, although the music says the opposite, right?
    Yes, I do agree on that, since this is like the overmapping he did on the top diff somehow and on lower diffs this is not great at all (yes, it is so hard to notice that background sound we could consider this overmapping, or merging too much stuff together).
    Thing is: he gives equal priority to two totally different instruments, and it doesn't work great here.
  3. I would just add to this that the break after 00:00:352 (1) - this spinner may cause some problems, since we have a guideline saying we should give at least 2/1 of break after them on Normal diffs (which I find reasonable)
  4. Generally, some angles may be considered too acute. That's not so easy to follow sometimes: 00:34:505 (4,5,1) - 00:24:121 (4,5) -
  5. In the end the players might get used to the spacing, although the SV/DS difference is kinda edgy

  1. Yes, spinner recovery time can be an issue here (it actually is), but this goes for all spinners on this diff
  2. Again the issue with SV and DS being kinda different. If on Normal may be considered acceptable, on the Easy diff becomes almost a necessity
  3. The combo-ing doesn't seem that solid, considering we have various combos of different length although the song seems rather... simple?
  4. 00:27:582 (4,1) - rhythm is kinda misleading here, since he did this the same way on the top diff: the long sound starts from the circle
  5. 00:46:967 (1) - this last spinner would make more sense if it starts from 00:48:352 - lol

I don't know how to link a post xP

PoNo wrote:

I don't know how to link a post xP
just click the time of the post in the top right and copy the address in the address bar xd
it will appear something like p/<numbers>
cool idea!

here is one of my mods i randomly chose: p/6189451#p6189451
here is the .osz: https://puu.sh/xeOMl/a3ce2d73b7.osz
i hope i did it correctly

also have this one: p/6191842#p6191842
its a map a pretty new mapper made and explained to him what he could have done better, i was wondering if i explained most of the things correctly
the map itself isnt updated
p/6199375 lol
ok that's not really a mod

this is more like how I usually mod p/6170157

Ps. Your goal is to help improve the modders which then will improve the maps better. But no matter how good the map is, you still need BNs to make ranked status possible. Which it will eventually clog up the BNs workload anyway. This is a volunteer work so I don't see the harm of simply adding more BNs to the roster? You will even get less work if we have more BNs lol
yes, but they can't edit each post anyway and they should show up themselves, not me going after them. I hate to oblige someone to do something.

While the point is to make the overall modding better the aim is not to make people rank maps faster, you have queues, PMs, discords for that.

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT NOMINATE MAPS FROM HERE, I even added that in the first post since I was expecting this reaction sooner or later
Looks an interesting project.


Thanks Sergio

when sergio qat?
Hey mrspaghettio thanks for modding mod! p/6200165/ this is the one!
is this q still a thing?


its very short and not detailed mod ik, but its bc i try not to touch the aesthetic side of the map. So it'd be nice if you could focus on my mod on his extra diff, thanks :)
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