Buying a tablet in Bulgaria

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Hello, as seen in the title, I need help buying a tablet.
I am on a budget of course of around 100-110$ USD (according to current exchange rate from Google)

I would like to know what is the most POSSIBLE cheapest and "good" tablet I can find (preferably from trusted resellers).

I have gotten the recommendation of:
Wacom Bamboo CTL-471

I also saw the following tablet and was wondering if it's okay (It's cheap). ... B00DTPYWBG

I do live in Bulgaria and shipping cost is not cheap at all.

I was also wondering about payment methods that I could use, could I possibly buy a PaySafeCard and then transfer it into a PayPal account? (If you are from Bulgaria, please tell me if you know a nice place to get a PaySafeCard.

Thanks all once again,
a mouse player.
Hi Dexions.
I'll start by answering your last questions: you can find a list of authorized paysafecard retailers in Sofia here, and no, you don't need to transfer your paysafecard money to a paypal account; there are actually a few sites that offer you to do that, but they're obvious scams. What I'd suggest you do, instead, is buying Amazon Gift Cards from the official Paysafecard website once you've recharged your paysafecard, and simply buy your tablet with them. Should you have any problems and/or not understand something, feel free to PM me as I frequently shop using a paysafecard.
Regarding the tablet, instead, while the Huion 420 is a common choice, two other cheap popular tablets are the Gaomon S56K (which I personally use) and the XP-Pen G430. Even though I've only used one of the three, I'd honestly recommend you to buy the XP-Pen G430, as its pen has no battery (unlike the Gaomon tablet), costs just a bit more than the Huion and its input lag is basically unnoticeable. Hope I've helped!
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Thanks for the reply!
I have added you in hopes of asking more questions.
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