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osu! version: 20170731.2 (latest)
Do you play with a borderless window, download the drivers and edit the tablet screen usage space, or play in fullscreen and use the tablets full zone

(I ask because I just got a tablet and im doing good but my wrist is dying and by this point im wanting the best possible pointers to help)

Edit: I'm asking if there is another way than downloading the driver as I dont like having software in the background running when im not using this tablet (its also featureless and doesnt have a option to disable start up on launch)
You can enable raw input and change the sensitivity ingame instead of using the drivers. But then you may run into this issue (t/590367) and be forced back to the driver.

Playing fullscreen is recommended and the tablet area is completely subjective. If you are having difficulties moving your wrist, use a smaller area
Like i've told you a million times, do whatever makes you feel comfortable, if it was comfortable to play underwater, upside down, you should do that,

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