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Problem Details:
Hola soy nuevo en OSU! y recientemente me salio una especie de panel que dise OMS y se ubica abajo a la derecha no se si fue porque apreté alguna conbinacion de letras o algo pero no me deja jugar adecuadamente, o sea es incomodo.

Hi, I'm new to OSU! And recently I came out a kind of panel OMS designed and is located down to the right I do not know if it was because I pressed some combination of letters or something but it does not let me play properly, or is uncomfortable.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

:arrow: file:///C:/Users/user/AppData/Local/osu!/Screenshots/screenshot021.jpg

osu! version: 20170731.2 (latest)
We cannot view that screenshot because it is the location on your hard drive. You need to upload it to puush or imgur and then use that link. But before that, try ctrl+f11 and see if the thing goes away
Thanks, it turned out to be so easy. :D;)
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