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Problem Details:
hello i just started playing 3 star maps today and i realized i can only get bs or cs on them. is this normal?
also is my level high or is my pp too low? level is 41 and pp is 280 ish and have been playing for 27 hours. is this going well or bad? :):):)

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20170731.2 (latest)
This belong in 13 since this is a gameplay question.

I think it's normal tbh since you are not use to it yet. Once you play enough of it, you will be be able to "read" it better and you will get A and S in no time :)

Based on what I seen from other people, your pp is low for your level. Whether this is good or not, is up for you to decide.

But I will say this, don't worry too much about pp/skills since that doesn't represent your skills. Just play for fun and your rank will naturally go up. For now, just focus on getting better.
Remember that level has absolutely no value and means nothing. You are much better off looking at your time played. But of course when you try something new it will be difficult
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