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Problem Details:
When i open up osu!, it takes 30 second for the client to begin to log in. It has finally bothered me enough to make a post about it.

A little more in detail:
I open it up. look down at the bottom of the screen to check for "Connecting to Bancho" and it isn't there. so i go into the options and have a look. it's loading. 30 seconds later, the "Connecting to Bancho" appears for half-a-second and i'm logged in.

The second issue is when i have played (or quit) a song. and i arrive back at the song selection screen adn i try to select a new song, the game decides to freeze for some amount of seconds, sometimes even the sounds freezes too after a while.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

1st Issue

https://youtu.be/lZxQNoRjgAA (if the embed doesn't work)
2nd Issue

https://youtu.be/1KFIaIeHVaw (if the embed doesn't work)

osu! version: 20170731.2 (latest)
I'm often getting both of issues.

For first one I prefer flush DNS / Renew IP / Release IP / Restart router or modem, but for me it doesn't work so chance for you are small too I guess :c
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