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Problem Details:
Can osu! please start up on the Display that I chose in the osu settings instead of the monitor you open it on?

osu! as it currently is, starts on the monitor you open it on. Since I don't minimize to my desktop to open osu! but go to my taskbar to open it, I have to go into options every time, put the game into windowed and then drag and full screen it on my primary monitor.

I've gone into my config settings for my osu! profile and specifically set the display to be for my primary monitor (monitor 1) but osu! just ignores this. I mean, Cutting Edge doesn't ignore this and starts on the right monitor but I don't want to do that quick "Searching for updates" prompt every time I open osu!.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:


osu! version: 20170731.2 (latest)
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