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Due to college coming up, getting to your map would most likely be slow.

Alright my 1st time having a modding queue so read the rules in the box. I'm a nooby modder so don't expect much.

  1. 1 map per post
  2. check my last post on how many maps i can mod
  3. No WIP/Bubbled/Marathon maps.
  4. I can't mod ctb maps. i'll ignore them if i see it. i'm a CtB player but that doesn't mean i can mod CtB. i can mod taiko, but i'm a beginner in it.
  5. No re-checks unless i say so in my post.
  6. If i don't like the song, or if the map is poorly mapped, i'll skip it, sorry :(
  7. I can mod app maps, but make sure the song is less than 7mins long. however i can't promise a bubble.
  8. The diff spread must be even. Example:" Easy, Normal, Hard", Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane", etc...
  9. No time limit as in if you post a 5 mins map going for ranked, i might accept it unless it doesn't bore me.
  10. Japanese/Touhou/Nightcore has the highest priority.
  11. I might add extra rules to make it more fun and entertaining for you guys/gals.
  12. The map must be your own to be fair.
  13. No editing your posts, you can get blacklisted for this.
  14. No asking for bubbles. you will get blacklisted if i see this. you have to earn your bubble.
  15. for m4m modders...you can reserve your post, but i'm gonna give you 24 hours to mod my map. if you don't mod it within 24 hours, then your map is ignored. keep in mind that your mod must be detailed. that means no "add clap, NC here, etc...". i'll ignore your map without any questions asked if you do something like that in the majority of your mod.
  16. To prove that you read the rules, tell me why i should mod your map? remember that it must be a good one and it should have more than two sentences. each sentence should have at least more than 6-7 words.
  17. NOTE: i don't speak English very well so if you dont understand ill show you a picture of what i mean.

My bubble poilcy:
If you wanna get a bubble from me, follow these rules.
1. SP must reach +15, and at least 5 kd stars are required(not counting your own kd star).
2. The Map is 2 weeks old
3. You received at least 5 mods.
4. don't mention a bubble, or anything in these rules. simply ask for a mod and i'll see if i have the time to do so.

Guest diff rules: NOTE: you can ask me to make a GD for your map, however i have the right to say no.
I just made a guest diff for Weezy so why not do some more guest diffs :D
just a few rules u need to follow
1. i can map easy, and normal, but hard and insane might take some time.
2. ill do guest maps to songs i like or that r catchy IMO.
3. dont ask for a taiko diff or make me do a guest diff thats going for app.
4. from time to time i accept collabs.
5. Remember it has to be submitted.
6. I'll do the diffs if i have the time to do it, so don't just post your map here and expect me to do the diff right away.
7. You must have at least 1 ranked map. i just can't trust new mappers these days.
- Melody
Piscis: Warning.

Touhou, Star Sapphire ^_^; Thanks in advance!
Please mod this for a friend of mine

From Touhou: Star Sapphire?
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Alright Closed ill do it tomorrow dw i have a piece of paper of which user's song i should mod.
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ok re-opened this time 3 maps :D

btw : is the Question-Answer-Rule still valid?

if yes : Star Sapphire
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marshall_racer wrote:


btw : is the Question-Answer-Rule still valid?

if yes : Star Sapphire
no i was just gonna disable that. ur in
siren chan
thanks byaku!!:3
sorry i need to go to school bye byaku :)
Still a WIP cuz Haneii's diff doesn't have any hitsounds
ignore if you want
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Alright closed for now.
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Ok re-opened now i need 4 maps to mod
Mod request~
Thanks :)
Focus on Normal and Insane for this map
Raging Bull
Here. http://osu.ppy.sh/s/36198

It's only WIP because I'm waiting for Ozzy, but I'm done with my diffs. Hope that's okay. \o/
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Raging Bull wrote:

Here. http://osu.ppy.sh/s/36198

It's only WIP because I'm waiting for Ozzy, but I'm done with my diffs. Hope that's okay. \o/
Ill accept it
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Alright closed for now
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Re-Opened 3 maps please :D
Sonico Makaron
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