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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
23:35 Awlex: OhioStateU: Your offset wrong
23:35 Awlex: 5.655 should do the trick
23:36 OhioStateU: kk thanks for the heads up
23:36 OhioStateU: how is the spacing? that was my biggest concern while i was mapping it
23:37 Awlex: some jumps were odd. I'll search them
23:37 OhioStateU: i really like that jump pattern but i was having a hard time trying to introduce the pattern
23:39 OhioStateU: i think i succeeded thematically in what i was trying to do with the change in tight-large spacing to large-tight spacing with jumps but idk if they feel good or not
23:39 Awlex: 00:12:017 (1,2,3) - This one is kinda uncalled for
23:39 Awlex: at least with that size
23:40 OhioStateU: i see
23:41 OhioStateU: i also removed the single circle inbetween spinners because it was annoying (idk how to format editor links xd)
23:46 Awlex: 00:51:617 (1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4) - I lack the mapping knowledge, but something is wrong here
23:47 Awlex: Something about this rhythm is off
23:47 OhioStateU: i just skipped some beats
23:48 Awlex: It feels kinda awkward at this point
23:48 OhioStateU: yea i changed it up a bit
23:49 OhioStateU: 00:52:797 (5,1) -
23:49 OhioStateU: is that too far of a jump
23:50 Awlex: Did you upload you changes? There is no jump in my version
23:51 Awlex: *your changes
23:51 OhioStateU: not yet i havent i was changing some other things so i am just consolodating the update
23:51 OhioStateU: sorry
23:51 Awlex: np
23:53 OhioStateU: do you think the switch to normal anchors to red anchors in the last drop is too harsh? i wanted to give that last drop some substance so i added them
23:54 OhioStateU: uploaded btw
23:54 Awlex: I think I found the problem
23:55 Awlex: 00:53:655 (5) - remove this one
23:56 Awlex: and no, it's ok for a finale, but maybe reduce the amount of different shapes
23:57 OhioStateU: kk i removed it, is there anything else you can spot wrong with the section
23:57 OhioStateU: maybe i should reduce distance
23:57 OhioStateU: between circles because its pretty big
23:58 Awlex: well, there are parts where a lower spacing would be appropriate
23:58 Awlex: 00:07:712 (1) - But this one should deserve higher spacing. Maybe on the previous note
00:01 OhioStateU: 00:07:712 (1,2,3) - made tighter
00:02 OhioStateU: 00:52:969 (1,2,3,4,5) - same with that one
00:02 OhioStateU: brb 1 sec
00:07 Awlex: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/8797841 I rearanged those like this. imo it's a fluid transaction
00:09 OhioStateU: yeah i agree
00:10 OhioStateU: i feel like 00:52:797 (5,1) - that jump is too large so im going to adjust it
00:12 OhioStateU: i reuploaded what i changed
00:13 OhioStateU: 00:52:283 (4,5,1,2,3,4,5) -
00:15 Awlex: about that
00:16 Awlex: 00:52:112 (3) - move this note to the previous white tick
00:16 Awlex: 00:52:626 (5) - And no slider here. Doesn't match the music
00:16 Awlex: use a circle and make a blanket
00:18 OhioStateU: nice catch on 00:51:940 (3) - i actually meant for it to go there. i must've not noticed somehow lol
00:18 OhioStateU: btw idk what a blanket is, im still new to mapping and all the terminology and stuff
00:18 Awlex: wait, i'll show you
00:18 OhioStateU: like a triplet of notes?
00:19 OhioStateU: ok
00:19 Awlex: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/8797946 4 is like a blanket for 5
00:21 OhioStateU: oh i see
00:21 OhioStateU: should i add another note on top of it to stack? it feels off by itself
00:22 Awlex: 00:15:769 (5) - also just noticed, that this slider is a troll slider. remove the timing point before it and let it repeat.
00:22 Awlex: I swear, I broke that one every time
00:23 OhioStateU: damn sorry i knew that it was a little jarring but i ddint think people would break it, ill changearino
00:24 OhioStateU: let it repeat as in add a reverse arrow?
00:24 Awlex: yes
00:24 OhioStateU: kk
00:27 Awlex: 00:25:626 (2,4) - the song plays the same sound on these sliders. Having different sliders here is kinds confusing.
00:27 Awlex: Use a slider like 4 for 2, because the timing on 2 is not recommended
00:28 OhioStateU: its meant to follow the drum pattern
00:28 OhioStateU: but i see what you are saying
00:29 Awlex: I know what you mean, but while 2 follows the drum, 4 doesn't. Still, but placement for 2 is :/
00:31 OhioStateU: should i remove the timing point on 2 and make it match the synth?
00:31 OhioStateU: 2 isnt snapped i just noticed
00:34 Awlex: well all timing points are not snapped because of the moving.
00:35 Awlex: the timingpoint is a matter of opinion, but I think it fits
00:35 OhioStateU: if i resnap 4 to the blue tick it follows the drum pattern more clearly
00:37 OhioStateU: or if i add a reverse arrow to it
00:37 OhioStateU: and keep it on the red tick
00:38 Awlex: It maybe be correct placement, but horrible to play
00:38 Awlex: just use a half beat slider, or you will be cursed by other moderators
00:38 OhioStateU: think i should just try and redo all of 00:25:112 (1,2,3,4,5) -
00:39 Awlex: *on white and red ticks
00:39 Awlex: are there more instances of this?
00:39 OhioStateU: 01:31:197 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) -
00:39 OhioStateU: those are the only 2 instances of trying to follow the drum pattern instead of having a break
00:40 Awlex: Actually that one is well done imo
00:40 OhioStateU: :> ty
00:43 Awlex: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neycvFQ5Ug4 concerning your new combos], please look at this where he talks about the 99%
00:44 Awlex: Also in case you haven't already, watch his videos for more insight to mapping
00:44 OhioStateU: pishi
00:44 OhioStateU: ?
00:44 Awlex: yes
00:44 OhioStateU: ive seen most of his work, i will rewatch this video for better understanding
00:45 Awlex: it's basically the first 80 seconds
00:45 Awlex: 00:36:855 (1,2,1) - because things like these are a bit too short
00:46 OhioStateU: yes i agree
00:48 OhioStateU: reuploaded
00:49 OhioStateU: 00:25:112 (1,2,3,4,5) - is this section better or worse
00:49 OhioStateU: added half beat sliders with the sliderends snapped to red and white tick to follow drum pattern, moved timing point to before repeat slider
00:53 Awlex: well, it's more consisitent now, but I'm personally against this. Other mappers have probably different opinions
00:53 OhioStateU: 02:11:140 (2) - is troll i will change
00:54 Awlex: Probably a troll. I broke that one in my last play
00:55 OhioStateU: yeah i was watching my buddy break it earlier when he was test playing (hes not a mapper he just wanted to try it out)
00:56 OhioStateU: it might be even more troll now, lmao, idk
01:02 Awlex: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/8798206 I did something like that there. should be a fluid patch it up
01:02 Awlex: (remove the "it up")
01:06 Awlex: nvmd, fix this it pretty well
01:06 OhioStateU: ?
01:07 OhioStateU: dont add the stream keep the reverse slider?
01:08 Awlex: The stream might be better. Just saying, that your fix is a good alternative
01:08 Awlex: my bad
01:08 OhioStateU: ill play around with the stream in my test map and see how I like it
01:08 OhioStateU: lol its ok :)
01:11 OhioStateU: jk i forgot i didnt map the test ifficulty properly xd
01:13 OhioStateU: i personally think its kind of a difficulty spike so i will keep the kickback into the stack. unless someone else finds that its bad :p
01:13 OhioStateU: thanks so much for your input though i really appreciate it :)
01:13 Awlex: np
01:14 Awlex: some minor things
01:15 Awlex: some of the triples need a little fix
01:15 OhioStateU: i agree i was thinking that earlier
01:16 Awlex: 00:39:426 (4,5,1) - there
01:16 OhioStateU: i need to space them a little closer, make them level with each other
01:16 OhioStateU: some of them at least
01:16 Awlex: no i mean there's no stack
01:17 Awlex: 00:44:397 (8,9,1) - this one does a little inward curve
01:17 Awlex: it's not neccesary an error, but it triggered me while playing
01:17 OhioStateU: yea
01:17 Awlex: 00:47:140 (1,2,3) - same here
01:17 OhioStateU: lol i feel you
01:18 Awlex: 00:59:140 (1,2,3) - also here
01:19 Awlex: 01:04:112 (1,2,3) -
01:19 Awlex: 01:09:083 (3,4,5) -
01:20 Awlex: 01:32:740 (7,8,9) - wrong spacing here
01:21 OhioStateU: i unfortunately gtg but i will keep the game open so i can fix some of the things you pointed out
01:21 OhioStateU: once i come back ill re-read chat
01:22 Awlex: 02:05:655 (1,2,3,4,5) - maybe retry that one. You do know that you can convert a slider into a stream
01:22 Awlex: ok. can I post this for some kudosu?
01:22 OhioStateU: idk how kudosu works but do what u want man i dont mind :>
01:23 Awlex: thanks
02:32 OhioStateU: wwwwwwwwwut
02:32 *OhioStateU is playing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/502414 Receptor - Redstar [Glory]]
02:32 Karaki: LOL
02:32 Karaki: soz
02:35 OhioStateU: lol its ok
02:36 Karaki: want to test my map?
02:36 OhioStateU: ok
02:36 *Karaki is editing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1382287 Imperial Circus Dead Decadence - Uta [Itami]]
02:36 OhioStateU: wanna test mine
02:36 OhioStateU: xd
02:37 Karaki: k xD
02:37 Karaki: nice song
02:37 OhioStateU: zz
02:38 Karaki: ah sorry
02:38 Karaki: yeah
02:38 Karaki: i want to test!
02:38 *OhioStateU is listening to [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1379162 Laszlo - Fall To Light]
02:38 OhioStateU: ill test urs first
02:38 Karaki: y thought you want to test your map xD
02:38 OhioStateU: i dl slow
02:38 OhioStateU: spec
02:42 OhioStateU: owo
02:42 Karaki: OwO
02:42 Karaki: nice try =3
02:43 Karaki: now my turn!
02:43 OhioStateU: no wait
02:43 OhioStateU: i have some editor things
02:43 OhioStateU: to show u
02:43 Karaki: oh
02:44 OhioStateU: 03:03:558 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - some of these aren't evenly spaced which sucks
02:45 Karaki: you want irc?
02:45 OhioStateU: if you're going to seperate them then they have to be the same distance apart, they can get wider in distance but its inconsistent
02:45 Karaki: Oh okay ill remember that!
02:46 OhioStateU: 03:06:193 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - same here
02:46 OhioStateU: btw for these streams
02:46 OhioStateU: did you convert sliders into streams
02:46 Karaki: yea
02:46 OhioStateU: ok just checking
02:46 Karaki: i think its was better because the
02:46 Karaki: it follows the rhythm+
02:46 Karaki: *
02:47 OhioStateU: 03:24:631 (1) - imho this is too much
02:47 OhioStateU: but i can see where other mappers disagree
02:47 OhioStateU: 03:29:168 (4) - jesus
02:47 Karaki: oh
02:48 Karaki: LO
02:48 Karaki: LOL
02:48 Karaki: TES
02:48 Karaki: YES
02:48 Karaki: i must change this
02:49 OhioStateU: also, crop your MP3 if you're not mapping the whole song
02:49 OhioStateU: because it makes the filesize large
02:49 Karaki: i know that, thank you baby :*
02:49 OhioStateU: there are alot of timing points but im not gonna check them because im not so great at multibpm
02:49 Karaki: okay np
02:49 Karaki: but hte map in general its okay?
02:50 OhioStateU: yeah its fine i cant really spot anything thats necessarily wrong with it
02:50 OhioStateU: there are a couple really big jumps but i feel like its something you expect in a 7* imperial circus map
02:50 Karaki: YEAH !
02:50 Karaki: im new mapper
02:50 Karaki: i began since 3 months ago
02:51 OhioStateU: im new mapper as well but i havent even been mapping a month, so i cant create the greatest maps. I know alot of the theory behind it though
02:51 OhioStateU: overall solid map
02:51 Karaki: yeah
02:52 OhioStateU: those bigass sliders need changing and some spaced streams aren't spaced properly but other than that i dont think theres anything wrong with it
02:52 Karaki: i hope this will get approved/rankedf
02:52 Karaki: ranked*
02:52 Karaki: yea i know bro
02:53 OhioStateU: wanna test my map now
02:53 Karaki: sure
02:53 *OhioStateU is listening to [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1379162 Laszlo - Fall To Light]
02:53 OhioStateU: insane diff
02:53 OhioStateU: the other ones are empty
02:53 OhioStateU: thats my second map so ik its pretty shitty but anything you can tell me helps
02:53 *Karaki is playing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1379162 Laszlo - Fall To Light [Insane]]
02:56 Karaki: 0kay, the map is good
02:56 Karaki: but
02:56 OhioStateU: nice cursor dance
02:56 OhioStateU: lol
02:56 Karaki: xD
02:56 OhioStateU: i already know of a couple problems in the editor, some streams aren't spaced evenly
02:56 Karaki: no problem
02:56 OhioStateU: back when i mapped this i didnt know of slider convert
02:56 Karaki: np
02:56 Karaki: wait
02:57 Karaki: ctrl+shift+r
02:57 Karaki: slider=stream
02:57 OhioStateU: yea
02:57 Karaki: 00:16:626 (2) - no break
02:57 OhioStateU: ok
02:57 OhioStateU: long sliders ?
02:57 Karaki: 00:24:855 (1) - here begins the song
02:57 Karaki: of course
02:58 Karaki: 00:33:083 (1) - stream here? :)
02:59 OhioStateU: i considered it but i was thinking its too big of a difficulty spike
02:59 OhioStateU: i might add a little somethin somethin there if the slider is too awkward
02:59 Karaki: you are ok! i thought the same thing
02:59 Karaki: 00:44:397 (3,4,1) - fix spacing =3
03:00 Karaki: 00:59:140 (1,2,3) - same
03:00 Karaki: 01:00:512 (2) -
03:00 Karaki: i like this slider
03:00 Karaki: OwO
03:00 Karaki: 01:05:140 (1,2,3) - spacing again hehe
03:00 Karaki: 01:06:169 (1,2,3) - â
03:00 OhioStateU: lol yeah ill go back on all my mini streams and slider convert
03:00 Karaki: â
03:00 Karaki: lol
03:01 Karaki: yeah
03:01 Karaki: 01:09:083 (3,4,5) -
03:01 Karaki: same
03:01 Karaki: 01:13:883 (3,4,5) - this are okay
03:01 Karaki: xD
03:02 Karaki: 01:27:940 (1,2,3) - delete this for continue the break
03:02 OhioStateU: i tried to make it start at the piano bit
03:03 Karaki: its okay uwu
03:05 Karaki: nothing more to change !
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