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Problem Details:
Almost everytime I start the game it processes all the beatmaps.
I actually put some maps manually in [the songs folder]/[Song]/ since, I map and with collabs I have to put the difficulties into the folder manually.
I haven't had this problem this often long ago. It used to do this once a monce.
It is processing right now again as I write this. This is the second time today.

Why does it do this? Is this normal for other mappers too?

Also, everytime it reprocesses everything, I have to deal with "not yet calculated" difficulties and it can't tell the date when I have added the map properly.
It only detects them when I fully press on every set atleast once. Annyoing as hell since I have like 30k maps. (I play all mods)

How should I do this? Does cutting edge/beta help me?

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20170731.2 (latest)
Try to delete maps which you haven't provided metadata yet. (Not calculated ones i think) and see if issue still exist

Venix wrote:

Try to delete maps which you haven't provided metadata yet. (Not calculated ones i think) and see if issue still exist
Actually, they all became "Not calculated" after the game processing my beatmaps. Now everything is back to normal. No "not calculated" beatmaps.
I haven't deleted anything yet. Idk, what's the matter. It hasn't reprocessed everything as of now. If it happens again I'm going to post a reply.
I'm pissed at osu for this.

I have read some old threads and stuff with the same thing occuring in different situations.
It was a bug back then: When you tried to search in the song select. My situation is different though.
Heyo gaaraati, this happens too me Sometimes not all the time, if it continues, contact peppy, this doesn't seem user fixable (This must be from the maintenance shutdown peppy made last night)

All I have to say is, this doesn't seem like a regular player could fix at the moment, Keep checking this thread for help from others, if you cant get any Contact peppy (DOWN THERE)

Contact Peppy: pe@ppy.sh
This is probably caused by a corrupted beatmap. If there's any beatmap called "//", please delete it. Also, move the osu!.db file, which is found in your osu! folder, out of the folder while osu! is closed to reprocess your beatmaps.

Dunced wrote:

Contact Peppy: pe@ppy.sh
Don't contact peppy for technical issues. Contact support@ppy.sh instead.
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