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Hey, recently I've been having trouble installing osu!, I've tried the newest installer, and I've tried downloading the old installer, but the new installer keeps bugging out and not working for me, and Chrome doesn't like the old installer, it gets about 20% of it downloaded, and then stops, but those aren't the things im trying to fix right now, I was hoping someone could upload just the base game files without added content (Beatmaps, login info, Skins, etc.) and I would prefer it to be uploaded to Google Drive or MediaFire.

Thanks in advance!

Try to download the old installer with any other browser.
EDIT: Mega-Link: osu!installer-Link on MEGA.nz (https://mega.nz/#!Vd5DjLAY!IoJ9LcSZGS-5 ... 6WPkqR_v_U) Click on the link. After that click on "Download this file via browser".
Btw, you do not need to trust my upload-link. I'm ok with that. However, I assure you that it's 100% clean.
I've tried downloading the old installer with FireFox with success, when I installed it and tried to open it, it came up with the "Hi! Your game client is being updated" window, where it does the same thing as the new launcher.
To be specific with the new launcher though, it gets to about 55% and then starts over.
Try to deinstall osu! before using the installer to reinstall the game. (Backup all your songs and settings in
Go to your osu! folder, open the update.log file and copy/paste its contents here, please.
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