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Current Priority: +2
I've recently gotten into mapping, and one thing I like to do to tweak out errors is remap the song again, the same patterns but in a more clean manner. It'd be great to see like in mania, the ability to compare 2 difficulties side by side would be wonderful.

Suggestions on how it can be implemented

Option 1 - Transparent Overlap (probably best of options)
  1. Render both difficulties at once
  2. Find the difficulty tagged as "reference", and make it 50% transparent
  3. Have it play and read both .osu's simultaneously via pre-rendering. even if it takes a bit of time to load.

Option 2 - "Tweak Overlap"
  1. More made for what I'm doing, it functions similar to the first option except from the last save.
  2. Run the difficulty twice, once labeled as "Reference" and 50% transparent.

Option 3 - Splitscreen
  1. Lower the resolution of the editor so 2 side-by-side can be fit.
  2. 2 Editors together side by side, so you can tweak and play 2 difficulties at once.
  3. Good for working on all difficulties and making similarities between them.
This is something that I would like to see as well. Very nice idea.
yeah, this definitely would be helpful for mapping std,taiko, and ctb diffs even though taiko and ctb should have their own editors >_<
I'd prefer the transparent overlap though... Anyways, this sounds like a good idea!
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