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Wasn't exactly sure where to post this, but I've recently noticed that some people's posts in my beatmap thread already have a "this post has received 1 kudosu" sign even when I've only just seen the post that day and I didn't even have to press a "give this person kusodu" button anymore O_O Why did this change? What if some people receive kudosu that I don't feel their post should get? Does that mean that any post I put into someone's thread will be automatically given kudosu? D:

Please help this confused player out! XD
In these cases I imagine a BAT or MAT has kudos'd the post before you saw it. It's somewhat unnecessary, but the kudos should (hopefully) be deserved and it saves you a click.
Other people can give kudosu FOR you? That's ... interesting ... O_O I definitely prefer the old way but meh, what can ya do, eh? *shrug*

Well, thanks for answering my question :)
It's not like it's a bad thing, if a MAT or BAT kudosus a post there was probably enough work put into it for it to be eligible for kudosu! and you should probably consider it. Another good reason for this is that some people forget to give kudosu!

If you actually have severe problems with someone getting a measly amount of kudosu! then talk to a MAT or BAT about it.
BAT have always been able to award kudosu, but usually didn't do it much unless they saw blatant mod posts that weren't received kd while others did.

However, MAT were given the same ability about a few weeks ago, so mod posts are receiving forgotten kd much more commonly now.
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