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Team name: ISwearSheWas18
Player 1 (Captain): Sentenza013
Player 2 (Co-Captain): [ Kana ]
Player 3: Il Enlil Il
Player 4: I love Emilia
Player 5: AkiraShine
Player 6: Ospreyy
Player 7:
Player 8:
Timezone: UTC +2
Team name: Choke on my Pee Pee
Player 1 (Captain) Juicytin
Player 2 (Co-Captain) Hephaestus
Player 3: shameC
Player 4: osirisguard
Player 5i Up for hire
Player 6:Up for hire
Player 7: Up for hire
Player 8:Up for hire

Timezone: UTC+8
hello pls, looking for a team
looking for a team boyz :D
Team Name: Low Acc Bois
Player 1 (Captain): Manuel2016
Player 2 (Co-Captain): Kevin-
Player 3: Ikki Kurogane
Player 4: Karata Senpai (Replacing Remky)
Player 5: DevoChan
Player 6:
Player 7:
Player 8:
Timezone: UTC -5
Ugh ugh, s-sempai pls take me to the team
If this still open...
add me to team or we can teamup together
Great idea, hope I'll find some friends :^)

edit: aight found some
Team name: Send legs pls
Player 1 (Captain): MarekKratochvil
Player 2 (Co-Captain): ChibiDesu-
Player 3: Burgerino Sama (note: currently 4-digit to date of 3rd September, he will be 5 digit by the time the registrations will end)
Player 4: syyyr
Player 5:
Player 6:
Player 7:
Player 8:
Timezone: UTC+01:00
If someone needs a team to join PM me. Currently I'm the only one so..

Edit: Eastern Asia(UTC +7 ~ 9) or Eastern US time zone(UTC -4)would likely be our time zone.

Edit 2: It's full now
looking for a team, im already in discord pm if needed :)

apparently i have team now! :)
Team name: Team Doutei
Player 1 (Captain): Koppe
Player 2 (Co-Captain): Lusia
Player 3: Yoang
Player 4: Sistinechan
Player 5: ChinoKafuu
Player 6: Minaduki Hotaru
Player 7:
Player 8:
Timezone: UTC +9
Looking for a team >w<, I'm ad in discord pm me >.<
Team name: Nightmare
Player 1 (Captain): Maou
Player 2 (Co-Captain): Phenixprince
Player 3: Wanko
Player 4: Parax_UnDeath
Player 5: BurningClock
Player 6: bulli
Player 7: carbon321
Player 8: -pending-
Timezone: UTC+2 for the most part
LFT ~11k NoMod Consistency Player CEST
We only have 4 ppl in our team XD it's require 8 ppl to be a team?
Team name:owo
Player 1 (Captain):-Von-
Player 2 (Co-Captain):xSilvah
Player 3:Wolfifox
Player 4:Dragontaladro
Player 5:Onetabby
Player 6:Sisters10086
Player 7:that_failure
Player 8:n/a
Looking for a team~ pm me
#95k looking for team < pm > :P

Edit: Joined team RSI
Ughuu~ I really want to in, but, my friends and I are very noobs for things like this lol
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