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Looking for a team :roll: I'm UTC - 4, PM me :D
Team name: >swordrush lul
Player 1 (Captain): ElPolzerino
Player 2 (Co-Captain): Kinako_
Player 3: imstillalive
Player 4: Poi Panda
Player 5: abateur
Player 6: omphen
Player 7:
Player 8:
Timezone: UTC+0
Send me a message if you're looking for a player
Well, since I don't really have a preference, I'm up for any team right now. Send me a PM if you want to pick me up.
hmu looking for team
Team name: :eggplant:
Player 1 (Captain): Sm0k
Player 2 (Co-Captain): [ M e a k u ]
Player 3: floppu-desu
Player 4: Endaris
Player 5:
Player 6:
Player 7:
Player 8:
Timezone: utc +2
Team name: oWo boys
Player 1 (Captain): Delusiv
Player 2 (Co-Captain): CrookPorpise
Player 3: p5678910
Player 4: SkylerC11
Player 5: Excellex
Player 6: PigwuPlays
Player 7:
Player 8:
Timezone: UTC -4
Team name: oddgroup
Player 1 (Captain): divinereigns
Player 2 (Co-Captain): dblade
Player 3: Ice_Crusherrino
Player 4: Wekkl
Player 5: SapphireLia
Player 6: Iwakoo
Player 7: Stickilas
Player 8:
Timezone: UTC-3
Send me a message if you need another player for a team, 39k, can read low and high ars, adept at nomod and dt, can read hidden well
Already hit 13 sign-ups! HYPE :)
Team name: Holy Shiet
Player 1 (Captain): nickstar23
Player 2 (Co-Captain): Danekii
Player 3: MrKnistr
Player 4: Madmax685
Player 5:
Player 6:
Player 7:
Player 8:
Timezone: UTC+2
Team name: When do we get paid?
Player 1 (Captain): Tioners
Player 2 (Co-Captain): Geartech1
Player 3: Victor_733
Player 4: Kraiko
Player 5: SackofRice
Player 6: Haxor
Player 7: TBA
Player 8: TBA
Timezone: Iceland, USA and Poland.
Team name: quit w
Player 1 (Captain): Azzli-chan
Player 2 (Co-Captain): RockStyle
Player 4: k u r a m a
Player 5: mgmn
Player 6: Bobxtm
Player 7: Searching
Player 8: Searching
Timezone: Germany
16 teams! Can we hit 32? o:
Can I join with some1?

UTC +8 here. i hope some1 will. thanks in advance...

Just PM me either here or at discord, ggnakacarlz#9428
Team name: Cabbage Pickers
Player 1 (Captain): Sliceofpie
Player 2 (Co-Captain): KysDigiDanPixel
Player 3: EZdeath
Player 4:-Aoinko-
Player 5: Mistaken
Player 6: crushsquids
Player 7: silentbob
Player 8: kjasony
Timezone: UTC−8:00
I'll gladly play if a team picks me up. Poke me on Discord, Lefafel#4084

If you're too lazy to click onto my profile;
  1. rank ~23k
  2. good at accuracy, reading, streams
  3. bad aim, not super fast, bad at AR10
  4. timezone UTC +2/+3 (EET)
  5. plenty of tournament experience, both as a player and as staff :)

Got picked up by a team, good luck everyone!
Looking for team (first time tournament lol take it easy on me)
Team name: Looking for Paradise
Player 1 (Captain): LeNoobster12
Player 2 (Co-Captain): B G H
Player 3:Jack002
Player 4:LautyGame
Player 5:Yagox
Player 6:[-Andres-]
Player 7:
Player 8:
Timezone: GMT-3
Team name: Les giganob
Player 1 (Captain): Planatek
Player 2 (Co-Captain): [ Suly ]
Player 3: Goraniix
Player 4: - Ateba -
Player 5: Spartan Plume
Player 6: Kirosume
Player 7: -Rem
Player 8: pepitoz300
Timezone: UTC+2
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