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Kentaro wrote:

N1ghtbeat wrote:

I wish I had friends that I could play with so I could join :^)
join the Discord and pm me :D
alright (Sorry for the late response)
I'm looking for a team feel free to PM me. 8-)
Team Name: Asian People
Player 1 (Captain): espiochaotix
Player 2 (Co-Captain): Jiryro
Player 3: -Goph-
Player 4: -Ster-
Player 5: Zephyrlox
Player 6: theray888
Player 7: ArielRale
Player 8: Mikael-
Timezone: UTC+8
looking for a team
Looking for a team :)

Edit: joined r! dt v
Team name: !r dt
Player 1 (Captain): - Scythe -
Player 2 (Co-Captain): Cheezstikz
Player 3: Temporicer
Player 4: NiceSmile
Player 5: PervertedPanda
Player 6: Casually
Player 7: Ryuiko
Player 8: TheDuckMask
Timezone: UTC -6 (Mountain Time Zone)
Team Name: another generic team
Player 1 (Captain): MuBaK
Player 2 (Co-Captain): Mckown
Player 3: Burning Pain
Player 4: Nanael-Sama
Player 5: Shanipika
Player 6: NaraSayo
Player 7: TBA
Player 8: TBA
Timezone: UTC+1
Team name: Plz No Tiebraker
Player 1 (Captain): Wilkojc
Player 2 (Co-Captain): Morfeusz
Player 3: MaIson
Player 4: Kapson
Player 5: Un4given
Player 6: xCappyx
Player 7: filips3
Player 8: rolniczy
Timezone: UTC +2
Looking for a team :roll: I'm UTC - 4, PM me :D
Team name: >swordrush lul
Player 1 (Captain): ElPolzerino
Player 2 (Co-Captain): Kinako_
Player 3: imstillalive
Player 4: Poi Panda
Player 5: abateur
Player 6: omphen
Player 7:
Player 8:
Timezone: UTC+0
Send me a message if you're looking for a player
Well, since I don't really have a preference, I'm up for any team right now. Send me a PM if you want to pick me up.
hmu looking for team
Team name: :eggplant:
Player 1 (Captain): Sm0k
Player 2 (Co-Captain): [ M e a k u ]
Player 3: floppu-desu
Player 4: Endaris
Player 5:
Player 6:
Player 7:
Player 8:
Timezone: utc +2
Team name: oWo boys
Player 1 (Captain): Delusiv
Player 2 (Co-Captain): CrookPorpise
Player 3: p5678910
Player 4: SkylerC11
Player 5: Excellex
Player 6: PigwuPlays
Player 7:
Player 8:
Timezone: UTC -4
Team name: oddgroup
Player 1 (Captain): divinereigns
Player 2 (Co-Captain): dblade
Player 3: Ice_Crusherrino
Player 4: Wekkl
Player 5: SapphireLia
Player 6: Iwakoo
Player 7: Stickilas
Player 8:
Timezone: UTC-3
Send me a message if you need another player for a team, 39k, can read low and high ars, adept at nomod and dt, can read hidden well
Already hit 13 sign-ups! HYPE :)
Team name: Holy Shiet
Player 1 (Captain): nickstar23
Player 2 (Co-Captain): Danekii
Player 3: MrKnistr
Player 4: Madmax685
Player 5:
Player 6:
Player 7:
Player 8:
Timezone: UTC+2
Team name: When do we get paid?
Player 1 (Captain): Tioners
Player 2 (Co-Captain): Geartech1
Player 3: Victor_733
Player 4: Kraiko
Player 5: SackofRice
Player 6: Haxor
Player 7: TBA
Player 8: TBA
Timezone: Iceland, USA and Poland.
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