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Welcome to the Five Digit Division 2017!

  1. FDD is an osu! Standard 4vs4 Team Tournament
  2. Score System: Score v2
  3. This is a tournament for every 5 digit player. That sets the rank range from #10000 - #99999
  4. This is an international tournament
  5. Double Elimination tournament
  6. Teams must have 4 players minimum, and are allowed to have 8 players max.
  7. Please read the ruleset before joining this tournament.
  8. You are REQUIRED to join the discord
  9. Any questions? Please feel free to ask a Host for help.

Sign up by filling out the following template:

Team name:
Player 1 (Captain):
Player 2 (Co-Captain):
Player 3:
Player 4:
Player 5:
Player 6:
Player 7:
Player 8:

Note that if you want to add or remove players from your team you have to contact Kentaro via Discord.

  1. Sign Ups close: 17/09
  2. Group Selection Drawing & Mappool release: 24/09
  3. Group Stage begin: 1/10

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