Playing osu too early (lol)

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My Angel Chilly
I usually wake up 7-8am to play osu (what a weeb) so i was wondering if its even worth for improving skills
When i play at this time, i guess my brain didnt completely woke up , and i play way worse than i do for example, 5pm. Especially when it comes to patterns or fcing, i just cant or need a lot of retries (50 retries for something i could probably fc first try if i was playing later).
Tbh i dont mind since i play mostly for fun, but im wondering if it does make the difference towards improvement, because brain isnt fully awake and might be a waste of time. And thats my question lol ty
(Ik i Said i play mostly for fun but its still Nice to see myself playing better after time)
imo if you want to play for improving just play when you feel good. especially when you are not tired.

for me i play the best when i play in morning. at night i feel tired and become slow.
but I can't play in morning most of the time ;w;
I'm usually too lazy to play in the morning tbh. I either play in the early afternoon or after like 6-7PM, it's usually the latter unless I'm on break, meaning I'm actually home before 3PM and I don't feel the urge to be a lazy pile of trash.
It takes a special kind of laziness to be unmotivated to play a game on your PC but still have dance practice daily with no reluctance.
sleep properly at night. you could wake up at <any time> and be alert if you get used to it and sleep properly.
i just play it anytime i feel like, whether that be around 9 in the morning, 6pm or 3am, but sometimes i play twice or more times a day..llol
Not a problem, you're still warming up. It would be best if you play hard maps instead going for fc immediately.

Never did this myself idk if it's
Play in your best condition, for your health's sake.
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My Angel Chilly
Thx for answers, but i think its not about being warmed up, i guess i will just take a shower and have coffee before playing
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