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So I thought of having four separate brackets at first which will include ranks 1 - 10,000 second 10,000 - 75,000 third 75,000 - 300,000 and four 300,000 - 500,000+ in my eyes this makes the tourney more fun since almost anyone can join! Also people over 500K can still join at their own risk! The winner of each bracket will win some sort of prize - and second place! The decider bracket will then be formed and the 4 winners will go head to head, the winner of this will become the winner of the entire tournament and 1st 2nd and 3rd will get another prize on-top of what they earned!

This just a thought and i might turn this into reality if I get alot of positive/constructive comments! If you are definitely down with this please DM me via this forum, Osu!Client,Osu!Web and Discord! Discord is 'Super!#8562'
the skill range in each bracket is a bit much... but otherwise it's fine.

For example, I myself would be in the second bracket 36k, but from spectating many 60k players, the skill difference really shows. 300k to 500k+ is the most reasonable, since ranking up at that point is pretty easy, but 75k to 300k is just a bit too much. That's like a 4.5 star player against a 2 star player(in terms of FCs).

On the other hand, you haven't specified an actual tournament to join, just some brackets. Check the other tournaments to see their setup.
Good idea i think.
Good luck!
10k -75k and 75k-300k is wayy too big a range. Not very sure about 10k-75k but from 75k-300k, there will be people who can't play maps because they are too slow and other people in the same rank who aren't able to pass the same maps because they are too hard. Also a bracket dedicated to 300k and above will not receive a lot of sign-up (speaking from experience), plus the players are largely inactive/uncontactable because their low rank indirectly implies that they do not frequently play the game, causing a lot of problems in the process....
rank 10.000 - 75.000 is too big of a difference
The difference between 75k and 300k is huge. The same for 10k and 75k. People under 200k hardly even multi, much less do tournaments.
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